Those Mosaic Planters and Other Things

With the big planting on Saturday we have nearly all the big stuff done, now it's just a matter of the little bits of finishing touches until we can call the front yard DONE!

I had work on Sunday and had the pleasure of seeing the A's sweep the Yankees and hit their Major League leading 11th walk off of the year - it has been AMAZING. Chris worked here and there on the yard and cleaned up the house a bit while I was away. Both of us find it a bit harder to be as productive while the other is gone, but he still got some great stuff done.

Since Sunday the yard is steadily getting complete.

There was this area that needed to be mulched

Now it looks spiffy

We got some more stepping stones for our walkway and Chris set them in place

We still need two more small stones for the right side of the "T" over by the hose, and then the walkway will be done.

The front of the raised bed needed to be planted

Originally we were going to plant ground cover here, but the thought of cutting about 40 holes into the cardboard and planting them did not interest anyone, so we bought 5 more emerald carpet manzanitas (what's in front of the rock raised bed on the other side of the yard) and planted those

But the most exciting thing we've completed in the last few days are our mosaic planters! Remember those?

Well on Monday I FINALLY finished them and yesterday Chris finished grouting them

While he grouted, I planted

We painted the inside with Henry's to waterproof

No dirt will actually go inside the planter, which is why we built it out of plywood. We bought cheap planter containers from HD that we designed to fit right inside. That way when we want to replant we can just pop out the planter container for an easy switcheroo

Once they were all grouted we moved them to the front yard

We shifted them around a bit to get them nice and level

Once they were level we threw in some of the broken down, unused, old stepping stones to give some weight to the bottom so they wouldn't topple over when we put the planters on top

And then.......the planters got put in!

And man oh man oh man oh man do I love the walkway up to the house

The planters look so fucking awesome

I love them

And the rest of our yard is looking pretty damn awesome too

I'm glad that our neighbors have a nice view now because they were patient and understanding and encouraging with our 1/2 covered black tarp yard for 6 months

Now to call the front COMPLETE we just have to get to the yucky sidewalk strip

And then tend to the porch as well, which is a nice area, but it's got some strange little nooks

We've got plans though! :)


Bunny @ 86n It said...

Looks really amazing!

Heather said...

It's looking so good!

meryl rose said...

Thanks you guys! It feels SO GOOD to have so much of it done, now it'll just be icing on the cake :)

Shasha Kidd said...

That does look AWESOME!

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much Shasha!

Sarah said...


It looks amazing! You guys are doing such a great job.

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much Sarah! The hard work is paying off :)