Why We Didn't Plant

Chris and I weren't able to tend to our yard this weekend because we headed down to LA to see the Crossfit Games! For all of you who don't know what Crossfit is, it's this totally crazy gym where they do all sorts of wacky exercises with really weird names (WOD, Fran, triplet, wall ball...). It's designed to train you well all around, though I think it does not place nearly enough emphasis on cardio (of course, I'm a runner, so I'm biased). But anyway, each year they have a "Games" which is basically like their own Olympics down in LA at the Home Depot Center where the top Crossfit athletes in the world compete (the top winners for men and women get $250,000!!!) And...my step dad CBH was competing in the masters 60+ division!!! My mom was also well on her way to qualifying for the 50-54 women, but got injured :( booooo.

Chris and I drove down Friday after work so we missed the first day of competition, but Saturday we were there all day and had so much fun cheering CBH on. As someone who has played sports since the age of 5, I LOVE athletic competitions. I get
super into them and I have so much fun rooting for people and seeing everyone push their limits.

The second competition of the day on Saturday for CBH was by far the most exciting. All of the "Masters" (men and women 45+) had to complete 9 different stations in the quickest time (with a 17 minute limit). Here are some of the masters women competing

While CBH is very fast, his max strength isn't as much as many of his competitors (though his endurance at lighter weights is awesome and he is crazy fast - his 5k time beat the other men in his division by 5-9 minutes) so he was a little nervous at two of the dead lift stations (dead lifting 10 reps of 225 pounds twice). But me, Chris, my step brother Erik, his friend Nate and CBH's friend Nick were there to root him on (CBH in blue, right before the event started)

Over the next 11 minutes we screamed our lungs out for him as he moved from station to station and kicked serious ass. It was so awesome to see. We counted down his last reps at every station and ran along the side of the barricades as he moved to his next station so we could be right next to him. The event finished with the 2nd rep of 10 dead lifts and he was neck and neck with the guy next to him. We screamed and screamed and screamed. The event was streaming online so my mom was able to watch (and a few friends who were texting me) and they showed a close up of CBH and his other competitor duking it out with us right behind him cheering him on. In the end, he beat the guy next to him by mere seconds and we all erupted into applause. He won 2nd in his heat (losing only to the eventual champion of his age group) and 3rd overall for the event. It was awesome to see. And if you click here you can see the event. Skip forward to about 12:45/12:50 and you can see me start to figure out that he might get second and then scream my head off (screen shots)...

...and then get really excited when he beats the guy next to him

...then the boys run over and we all have a nice hug :)

And when I try to verify that he got second I get
chastised by the judge...

I was just too excited damnit!

He made it to the semi-finals yesterday morning in 9th place (top 12 to semi-finals, top 6 moved on to finals). For the semi-finals they had to do as many chest to bar pull ups as they could in 2 minutes. He tied for 7th in the event with I think somewhere around 20, but he didn't move up enough in the standings to make it to the finals. We were all so proud of him. And it was nice because we got to watch the finals with him and talk about how awesome he did. Here he is, the 9th fittest 60+ year old

My mom and CBH know I get kinda annoyed with Crossfit. We all joke that it's like a cult and all the athletes are very intense. But I found the masters athletes very inspiring. We watched the young people compete for a little and I found them to be a little rude, snotty and full of themselves (I'm being very rude myself and generalizing) but the masters were all so humble and hard working and if you can do 2 reps of 20 pull ups when you're 60??? Well, that's just fucking awesome. It was really cool to see amazing women and men 45+ kick ass and then cheer all of their competitors on. When they finished an event they'd move right over to someone who was still trucking and cheer them on. It was really fun to get to watch them and it made me really hope my mom tries to qualify again next year so that I can go back and root her on because she's one amazing lady too.

And a little random, but I would like to point out the AMAZING sunglasses tan behind my step brother's ear after we all spent 9+ hours in the beating sun on Saturday

How crazy is that????

While in LA we also visited with Chris' family, so it was a wonderful trip all around complete with a fun drive back home where we saw a Delorean!

Road trips with Chris are always the best. We always have the greatest conversations (like wondering what really happens when you dial "1-900-MIXALOT" - it turns out nothing), and we have a lot of fun together (like figuring out with my supremely hoarse voice that I made a funny growl, and then growling at all the slow cars in the fast lane because we were convinced it made them move over). And we arrived home to a beautiful front yard watered by our amazing neighbors while we were gone. It was a great recharge weekend. Now back to work!

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