And the Front Yard Total Is....

Now that the front yard is DONE (hooray!!!) let's talk about how much it all cost (and a disclaimer, I round things to the nearest $5 because I'm lazy).

We spent $120 on the stones for the raised bed and landscape adhesive to help secure them in place

$40 was spent on Round Up killing the grass and $25 at the dump getting rid of it at their green waste station.

$180 was spent on our laborer helping us dig out the grass and the trenches for all of the drainage, $150 was spent on 2 jackhammer rentals, $165 on all of our drainage materials and another $65 on the drainage rock

$75 was spend on our mosaic planters (tile, plywood, grout)

Then we got to the exciting part of prepping to really get some stuff planted. And that's where just a little more money came in. $110 was spent on our roll of landscaping cardboard for weedblock, $505 was spent on all of our boulders, gravel and stepping stones, and $95 was spent on all the edging

The big total came with all the plants: $740. Yup, $740 was spent on alllllll our plants

And let me tell you, we saved over $300 because my awesome grandpa and his wife gifted us our wonderful Japanese Maple and my dad and Wendy gifted us the Coral Bark Maple. We are so amazingly lucky for all of their generosity. THANKS!!! :)

Topping off the front yard with mulch cost $195 and making sure all of our plants got watered with a drip system cost $75

When we got to working on the porch that cost us a pretty penny too: $50 in mortar, $100 in bricks and $55 in sand a caulking

Then it was time to gussy things up, so we spent: $45 on our bench, $50 on the planter tower, $30 on my garden gnome and his stand, and $60 on the porch paint (the bogenvia got totaled in the "plant" category and I put the planter total he's sitting in, in the price for the planter tower)

Then I like to leave an additional amount ($200) for things I most likely forgot - maybe a bag of mulch, some drip accessories, a plant or all the other things that probably slipped my mind

So let's add it all up:

$120 (raised bed paving stones and adhesive)
$65 (round up and dump)
$560 (laborer, drain materials, drain rock, jack hammer rental)
$75 (mosaic planters)
$710 (weekblock, boulders, stones, gravel, edging)
$740 (plants)
$270 (mulch and drip)
$205 (mortar, bricks, sand, caulking)
$185 (bench, planter tower, gnome, porch paint)
$200 (miscellaneous)

Grand Total: $3,130

$3000 was actually what I had in my head that I thought the yard would cost when we first started everything, so I'm pretty proud of myself for that guess. And frankly, I think that's a damn good price for everything we did. The drainage alone would have cost around $2,000 if we had hired someone to do the work for us, so I consider it a job well done

And it's really nice to look at :)


Heather said...

I've been carefully ignoring how much I've spent in the front yard. I think you got off pretty damn cheap, especially considering how good everything looks.

meryl rose said...

Tis true, I have to say I feel it's $3k well spent. I like not having to look at a black tarp over our yard anymore :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

That is a GREAT price! You did an amazing job.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sara! :)

em said...

How many hours were spent on it? I know you don't pay yourself (except with a sweet finished product) but it would be cool to know what it would have cost you to sub it all out! And We all know your time is worth quite a bit...

meryl rose said...

That would actually be kinda interesting to track how many hours a project takes us and compare it to what it would cost. Of course professionals are faster at it, but it would be a really interesting comparison.