It's the Little Things

I completed two itty bitty teeny tiny tasks that made me happy :) Normally they're the things I never get around to doing, but for some reason when you wear a cast up to your knee it's much easier to buy a picture frame that it is to help Chris lift a rain barrel over a retaining wall. Go figure.

I printed out one of the Picardy Gothic photos and bought a frame at Michaels

Normally I'm one to spray paint picture frames fun colors, but I thought the faux wood of the frame fit the flavor of the photo

I may still print out one or two others (I still really like the ones of us laughing and the best attempted "serious" one), I would get them smaller (maybe 5x7) and put them on either side. But for now, it's nice to finally have something on the mantle

Remember my awesome A's gnome?

Chris was asking why I hadn't set him back outside yet and I told him it was because he needed something to sit on. Chris' reaction was, "Whaaaa?" To which I obviously responded, "He needs to be higher up so that he can properly greet people." I mean, am I right people? So I bought a $10 candlestick stand at Ikea

And I sprayed it white and PL Premium'd him to it and plopped him on the porch

I mean, what self respecting A's fan would not love this greeting when they came home?

Obviously this little man needed a name, so I went through several in my head, but I settled on Mr. Mack.

Now if only I could get to hemming that roman shade...Cast Meryl to the rescue!


Heather said...

Will you still come to visit me if I tell you I'm a Giants fan but that I always root for the A's?

meryl rose said...

GASP! I may have to bring you some A's paraphernalia :)