Just a Little Off the Side

Our paver driveway is beautiful and amazingly awesome, except this one thing

That last row of pavers is sinking. Boooooo

This could be happening for a variety of reasons: driving on it forces down a lot of weight, we have a drainage pipe down the side here from one of our downspouts, or we just plain suck at edging. I would like to think it's either the car or the drainage pipe.

And because we're closing in on completing the front yard Chris wanted to tackle fixing it this weekend. Cast Meryl was not much of a help (getting up, bending down or sitting in a crouched position is not very easy - or comfortable - with a cast that goes above your knee). So I took pictures. Hello annoyed Chris

Chris was not happy about having to fix this. It's not like the idea of separating pavers made me smile, but we removed, prepped and laid down a brand new 950 sq. ft. of patio, so if we have a little separation I still consider it an amazing success.

Once Chris removed all the pavers he made sure to scrape out all the extra sand from the paver bed as well as off of the pavers in order to start with a clean, fresh slate. He laid down a really dry bed of mortar for the pavers to get placed down in again

He made sure that the bed was nice and level

And then starting setting in the pavers, of course making sure those were nice and level as well

When he was all done, and I had spent my time touching up some paint around the porch (we previously had a very attractive line of dirt on the house against the porch)...

...Chris spread out some polymeric sand and brushed it into place

And hooray, done!

And want to know another piece of "hooray, done!" news? That big huge pile of dirt that has sat at the end of our driveway for the past 2 months preventing Chris from parking in the driveway and kept the street sweeping crew from properly sweeping our streets...

It's gone, hooray! We've been posting "FREE DIRT FREE DIRT FREE DIRT" on craigslist forever and have a taker here and there. But nothing too substantial. Our neighbor is a landscaper and he snagged some several weeks ago and actually took a pretty big chunk so that was exciting. But other than that and the one truck load we took up to my dad and Wendy, we haven't had the greatest luck. But then, someone asked for the whooooole thing, as long as we could deliver. Normally we hate delivering dirt, but we just wanted it GONE and she was willing to pay for delivery, so Sunday before I left for work I helped separate the small pile of rocks that was still there while Chris was a dirt digging machine

And after about 30 minutes, that pile was gone!

And while I drove off to work Chris drove off to deliver some dirt to a happy craigslister. And now our street sweepers will no longer curse us when they drive down the street. And Chris can finally park in the driveway again. Well, once we finally put his truck top back on, because that's currently sitting on the driveway...Baby steps people!


Heather said...

You two are so much better than normal people at the finishing work that makes everything look so professional. You should do a motivational series. "Yes, you can finish gluing your backsplash so your kitchen remodel finally looks done three years after you started!"

meryl rose said...

Lol! I like that. Though we should give that talk to ourselves, seeing as it's been about 9 months since we started working on our ticket table and it's still sitting waiting to be put together... :)