More Vents, More Porch Paint

As I've talked about before, we have not so great drainage in the front of the house, especially in one specific corner. Recently we've tried a few things to help ventilate that area (lots of french drains in the front yard and our rain barrels). The next item on the list was to install some additional venting screens. Every house should have venting every 4 feet or so into their crawl space. And it's no surprise that because our house is nearly 90 years old we don't have proper venting. We installed a bunch on the back of the house last summer as we were prepping to have the house painted and it's always been on the list to install more on the sides.

Our hope was to install about 5-6 on the north side of the house (the one that has a really tight crawl space and some standing water), but because of the rim joists, there weren't too many good areas to cut out a 2x1 foot hole in the house, so we were only able to get two installed.

Like many things lately, the cast does not make me quick on my feet in a tight area, so Chris tackled the job himself

We've tried to get better about wearing our masks when we should, and using the grinder to cut through the stucco and rip it off definitely qualifies as one of those times

Once he cut through the stucco and wood he primed the wood to protect it from the elements

Then he popped in the venting screens, caulked around them and primed them (the new ones are the more silver ones)

Then I came around and painted them.

We also installed 2 more on the south side of the house. Although we don't have standing water on this side and it seems to have better drainage, we still wanted to make sure it had proper ventilation

You like our super professional method for making sure they adhere tight to the house after Chris installed them? They also got the same prime and paint treatment

But the fun didn't stop there.

The porches, or landing pads, (or whatever you want to call them) all look like crap. And after I painted the steps in the porch area at the front of the house I figured now was a good time to paint the rest of them.

Of course this meant clearing them all off first

And that task takes 4 times longer when you're wearing a cast because waddling around carrying heavy stuff is not easy. But once they were cleared off, hosed and scrubbed of their caked layers of dirt I began the fun task of scraping off all the loose paint. And again, in an effort to wear our masks at more appropriate times, when Chris reminded me that these porches were probably painted with lead paint I said "yeah yeah yeah give me my mask"

And then Chris took a really amazing picture of me working hard

Once I was finally done with all the scraping everything got hosed down and cleaned and I came around with the primer

And then I came back around with two coats of paint

This has definitely been a project that has been on the "kinda to do list" for a long time. But we had never picked a paint color for all the porches/stairs/landing pads so I just never did anything about it because there were always more important things to do. But with the front porch painted I finally had the paint and well, a cast on your leg prevents you from doing a lot of more important tasks, so in a way I guess being immobile helped to finally get this task accomplished. Thank you cast.


Heather said...

You are totally getting me itchy to paint our front steps. Damn it!

meryl rose said...

Do it! :)

aptpupil said...

code says 1 sf of venting for each 150 sf of floor space. our place is a bit over 1600 sf so we need a minimum of 11 sf of vents to meet code (more would be better considering the drainage issues up front). each vent is .5 sf so we need at least 22 of those vents. i think that with all the crawlspace doors that are vented, some larger vents, and the smaller added vents we reach the goal and then some. my only wish is that we had more in the northeast corner of the building.

Deb said...

Even with a cast you are still ten times more productive than I have been lately. Does reading books and chillin' with the family count for anything? :) Your yard and the porches look fabulous :)

meryl rose said...

That counts for 47 points :)