Sandy Porch

We're moving along on the completing the porch, which means we're moving along on completing the front yard, hooray! Last night when Chris got home from work he tackled spreading out the sand. I have unfortunately been floored with work the last couple of weeks and will most likely be the next 2 months, which is great for my pocket book, but not so great for house progress, so I was completely unhelpful in the project.

We used a mix of poly sand leftover from our patio and regular playground sand

We used the polymeric sand along the edge where the bricks end and the walkway starts because when you wet it, it solidifies so that the sand doesn't continue to pour out of the cracks in the walkway every day

Everywhere else we just used the playground sand

Chris also used construction sealant to line the larger gap against the house

Once the gap was filled and the sand was spread out Chris wet everything down to help the sand seep into place better

Then he swept it into all the cracks that got reopened

He repeated the process a few times (wet bricks, spread sand) and then called it a night. All the gaps were filled in really well, just a couple here and there. We know we'll have to apply more sand in places over time as the bricks settle in a bit more, but I think it looks really polished and clean

It's amazing how just finishing in those gaps helps give it such a better finished look.


Well, who can forget the real before


That is a mighty fine improvement! Now, time to get to that sidewalk strip...


Shasha Kidd said...

It looks really nice!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Shasha! And I just put the little bench back in place and it's looking even more spiffy :)