We Need to Finish Some Things

Last weekend we were over visiting some friends and their new baby and older kiddo (how could you not love this little cutie?)

And we got to talking about the house - how projects were coming along, what we've finished, how we were feeling about it all...those things you really only talk about when other people ask because you're too exhausted to want to think about the question yourself because you know you'll be frustrated with yourself for the answer: we're REALLY good at starting projects, and REALLY bad at finishing them.

Chris and I like to motor around the house starting projects right and left. I love making lists, imagining spaces and compiling the materials it'll take to get it done. Chris is the master brainstormer and comes up with the schedule and is the brains of how it'll get done. But somewhere around 80% both of our brains sorta check out and we move on. I don't know what it is.

We've resolved that we really needed to FINISH some things so that we can finally check them off the list as completed spaces. While we started the back bathroom and laundry room 1+ and 3+ years ago (I know, ouch), we are committing ourselves to FINISHING the TV room, front room and front yard before we let ourselves get really excited about tackling another project. And there really isn't too much to getting those spaces checked off, it's just those final tasks we find so difficult to actually get around to.

Front Room

We originally thought this room would be quick and easy, boy what a fucking lie that was. But we chugged along and fixed the floors that looked terrible, and spent nearly 40 hours painting and it came along looking splendid. And then we stopped. I LOVE the idea of our sports ticket table, but we've totally stalled on that and haven't worked on it since March! Here it all sits, sad and rejected

We still have to wet sand the tile that I scratched up

And I'd like to print out a Picardy Gothic photo and put it above the fireplace

And then there's the little weight storage unit we want to build so our free weights, etc. don't look so disheveled

For this room the checklist is: FINISH the sports ticket table, wet sand out the tile scratches, build a little weight storage, blow up and frame a photo. Seems easy right?

Then there's the TV room, which we both got really excited to start because we wanted the front of the house to be complete. And this one is really close to being done. I have to replace that roman shade I'm not a fan of

And the new one has been sitting 95% complete on my art room floor for a month (or two)

There is a little residue on the hutch counter, so I need to lightly sand it and then I think we'll put a coat of poly on top because the tung oil hasn't done a super great job of protecting it (though it does do an awesome job of bringing out all the natural wood color and texture)

I also still need to poly the baseboard attached to the bottom of the hutch...

We still need to also build 10 frames for all of our movie posters to go on these two walls

Lastly, we have this piece of baseboard that needs to be installed behind the couch and ottoman

To call this room done we need to: replace the first roman shade with a new and improved one, build 10 picture frames, sand and poly the hutch counter, and stain, install and poly our missing baseboard. Whew.

Lastly, our new front yard still needs a bit of fine tuning. It's looking marvelous (if I do say so myself) but there are still just a few things we need to complete.

I've been planning to make a field trip to Annie's Annuals so that I can get some pretty flowers for our window planter

I've also got a few more ideas of how to spruce up our now awesome porch area (a happy gnome, a planter, and a couple other things)

We still also need to plant our sidewalk strip

Which involves these plants on the side of the house

I was going to dig out more dirt (the sidewalk strip is still a bit too high) and plant things 2 weeks ago, but I hurt my back really bad in soccer when I was in high school and from time to time I hurt it again and our big front yard planting made it not too happy with me.

We also have to get rid of these rocks and dirt (and what will soon be more dirt when I dig out more of the sidewalk strip)

We took a load of rocks up to my dad and Wendy's because they could use it for their yard (we trade bricks for rocks around here), and we'll take another trip soon and that should clear us of all the rocks. But that damn dirt...

Then we've still got to get rid of junk that we didn't use from our old front yard (crappy/ugly stepping stones), leftover mortar we mixed too much of, and pieces of bricks

We've got: plant the annual bed, complete the porch spruce up, plant the sidewalk strip and get rid of the garbage/crap/dirt/rocks. And then we should be done with the front yard.

That's a mighty long list, but it will be nice to call all these spaces DONE. And then we can really move on...to other rooms we've started and not completed... :)


Shasha Kidd said...

I know how you feel. I'm also trying to just work on projects I've already started and I'm trying to get them all done by the end of the year.

meryl rose said...

Those last things on the to do list always suck. Booooo.

EMom said...

Long time reader, first time commenter.

I totally understand your frustration that nothing seems 100$ finished, but coming from someone who has read your entire blog in the last few months to catch up to the present, YOU'RE DOING A GREAT JOB. I love your ideas, your organization, your multitude of pictures for every post, etc. Even your silly guilt if you don't post as often as you feel you should. You house looks AMAZING. It stands on its own merit, not even considering how it looked when you first bought it. Yeah, it'll get there. There's no rush. Enjoy it. Keep up the good work!

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much EMOM! :) I re-read your comment several times when I first got it because it just made me smile SO MUCH :) All the comments we receive perk me up so much and make me wonderfully happy :)

em said...

Hooray, Jane made the blog! I am VERY good at starting things and never finishing them but I am amazed at how organized you are regarding what is left to do! I would totally forget and live in an unfinished space forever. Jane has worn her new shoes every day and has gotten many compliments at art camp this week! Hope to come see the place in person soon and that gnome is amazing, we might need one :)

meryl rose said...

Thanks Emily! I guess my anal retentive mind comes in handy sometimes :)

I'm so happy Jane likes her shoes :) This may have to become an annual thing for the rest of her life, I'll be thinking up designs for her 45th birthday, hehe.

I can't wait to have you guys over soon! It might have to be before the sports ticket table is done because who knows when that'll happen, sigh (though hopefully sooner rather than later).

em said...

I am thinking of amazing board games for that table! I have a few gems up my sleeve... But we can play on that fine refinished floor if the table is not finished!

worry wort said...

House is looking fantabulous! Each check off your list has been so awesome to watch.

By the way, Milo has a onesie of the shirt Chris is wearing in the first picture. Love it!