Well That's Not Happening

Yesterday I painted the stairs. It was really important to prime them because of the condition they were in

I used Sherwin Williams' Loxon primer that we used when we painted the house

Priming went pretty quick, the cut-ins were the only thing that really took any measurable amount of time

Rolling was actually a little difficult because it was so hot - within a few seconds of rolling it on there was practically no work ability so I had to catch any drips really quick

The good news was that because it was so warm the primer dried quickly enough for me to get to the first color coat before work

I got the porch paint at Kelly-Moore. I explained the application I'd be using it for and just asked which paint they would suggest. I wish I had gotten semi-gloss, but for some reason they only had eggshell and gloss in this kind of paint. Gloss will be MUCH easier to clean than eggshell, but it will also be a lot more slippery in the rain, but we'll get those anti-skid strips to solve that problem so I went with gloss

Then came the cut-ins and roller. This time the work ability was even tougher so I had to be really careful to not drip at all

When I was done I made sure to put a "Wet Paint" sign up because it was close to when our mail usually gets delivered (and I totally forgot with the primer, whoops!)

I wasn't super thrilled when the paint was going on (despite the fact that I picked the color) and when I came home from work I still wasn't a fan. I asked Chris who was already home and he said, "Yeah, it could be darker." I barely let him finish the sentence before I said, "I thought so too." We're not fans

I put the paint chip down against it and I'm still convinced the porch paint did not come from the can (We painted "Dolphin Dance")

Obviously they put a dot on the paint chip at the store, but the paint on the porch still looks NOTHING like that dot. It's weird. I know that happens a lot, but it is crazy how much lighter it looks on the porch in comparison to the dot on the paint chip.

Either way, Chris and I are not fans. I think it's about 4.5 times worse than the red that was there. It looks like an Easter Egg barfed on the porch.

Unfortunately Kelly-Moore is a tad expensive, and this $60 gallon is not worth buying a new one because we don't like the paint color. Well, it might be worth it, but we're cheap and don't want to. Instead, I'll drive back down to Kelly-Moore and ask them if they'll tint it darker to "Made in the Shade" because I picked a crappy color

"Made in the Shade" is actually the color that Chris liked the most when I brought home the paint chip.

But you know what doesn't suck? Our A's gnome!


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens. At least you can add tint to make it darker, if it was too dark to begin with that is not so easy to fix! I don't think it looks that bad, but I do agree darker would be better. Love the gnome, too.

meryl rose said...

Round 2 went better, but I still wish it was darker, sigh, oh well. Isn't that gnome the best? hehe :)