A Quick Poly for the Hutch Counter

Sure, our hutch may be done, but that doesn't mean there isn't periodic maintenance

When I applied a couple layers of tung oil to the counter to pull out the beautiful grain of the wood we had hoped that it would also help seal the top of the counter. Not so much. Unfortunately the dust that blows around the house has had a tendency to sort of stick to the top of it

As a result, the counter feels a bit rough when you run your hand across it.

I went out to get some sandpaper and sanded it down, first with 150 grit and then 220

The tung oil actually sanded off in flakes and chunky dust (that's a professional term)

Once I had sanded everything down I used Mineral Spirits to clean off all the dust. I made sure to only use a really small amount on the rag as I was cleaning, and even that little bit did a great job

Originally we hadn't planned on sealing the top with poly, but because the tung oil didn't do a great job sealing it (though it did really bring out the grain of the wood beautifully) I decided to apply 2 coats of satin poly on it

I applied each coat about 4 hours apart and the counter still looks just as beautiful

It seems like the poly brings the texture and color change in the grain even more

And the best part, the counter is now smooth as silk

Aaaaaand, I finally applied two coats of poly to the baseboards

Cast Meryl is just on fire. Too bad my cast comes off on Thursday. And by too bad, I of course mean THANK GOD!

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