Flooring To Do List: Back on Track

Thankfully after only getting 6 items checked off in the first couple days I've gotten back on track with my two item per day goal and the list is 14 items complete, hooray!

(this photo only has 13 check marks because I forgot to check an item off)

SO! Earlier I had: moved the kitchen side table, emptied the demo closet, emptied the art room closet, condensed the laundry room and back bathroom and we our queen mattress and bed frame and upgraded to a king mattress (we'll build a bed frame at a later date).

In the last couple days I've been motoring through the list pretty good. Chief among that motoring was demo'ing the corner closet  with Chris' help

And the next biggerish task was packing up my giant shelf of art supplies in my art room

I also moved my sewing and work table out of the room, and rolled up the rug and stored it away for the time being as well

It still needs to be cleared of all the miscellaneous items, but it's looking pretty good. This room will also get a little mini makeover when we come back from the renovation road trip so I'm excited for that.

The nook has been cleared of the baseball cards (up to the attic) and all the renovation related tools and items that have either been put back in the garage where they belong or sold (all of the copper wiring and piping we save and then sell to the scrap metal yard)

There are still some items that need to be cleared, but this room is almost done (with a goal to get it done this weekend), so that's pretty awesome.

And lastly, the folding doors between the office and front room got taken down as well

The front room has been the catch all room so far for storing things, but it's not looking too bad yet

Can you tell I was an art major in college?

We've still got a ton on the list (26 items to be precise), but we're chugging along at a pretty good pace. We've got exactly 3 weeks to get those 26 items done, a new fence built and very limited weekend days so I'm trying to be really diligent during the week when I've got a bit more time on my hands. There are a couple big items left on it (knocking out for the bigger closet and the future door to the bathroom), but most everything else is on the smaller side, so we'll keep our fingers crossed :)


Sarah @ St. Paul Haus said...

Woohoo keep it going!

Jessica said...

You've accomplished more since your last post than I have in the past six months. Keep it up!

meryl rose said...

Awww, thanks ladies! :)