Flooring To Do: More than Half Checked Off

The good news is that we're two weeks into the flooring list with two weeks to go and we have 22 items checked off with 18 to go and we built a fence. That has me feeling good about things not getting insane as we're leading up to leaving on the trip. Famous last words though, right?

The bad thing is that several of the items left are a bigger deal (cutting out for the eventual door to the bathroom and making the closet bigger) but we've also checked off one and almost checked off another one of the bigger items as well.

Without further ado...this week we checked off 8 items. Not quite the 2 a day I was hoping for, but hey, we built a fence damnit.

The nook is now complete: all the misc items found a home and the space is clear (and please excuse the phone photos again from this post)

Chris was very annoyed to come home and find that I had somehow managed to shimmy the dresser myself out of the office and into the front room. Now you see it

Now you don't

The art room, like the nook, has been cleared of all the miscellaneous items

Though it is now being occupied by the tools and materials we've been using to patch the floors in here (don't worry, all the boards end at the same point on the right because the wood around the border of the room runs perpendicular)

There was some visible surface damage to some of the boards due to what we're assuming was termites (based on our own guess and that of the flooring contractor when he came to do the bid). But, we've patched floors before so it was pretty easy.

We also cut down the shelf in the art room too, leaving it some room to breathe on the top

We've still got to move this sucker out of the room and into the front room. That will take an excellent game of Frogger to complete.

The remaining 3 items we checked off are all in the hallway, and we're almost done in there, hooray! We have almost finished patching the floors. Remember the horrible patched someone made?

Well now it looks like this

The reason we're not done patching the floors is because after I unpacked the middle closet and removed the furniture from inside (2 items checked off), we removed the closet doors and trim (another item checked off), and well, we discovered more floor that needed to be patched

The good news is that the hallway is ripe for a makeover

The bad news is that it make take a little more work than we anticipated to clean it all up

And the front room? Now that the art room, nook and closets have been emptied and dresser moved in?

It's on its way to getting pretty full. And we haven't even touched our bedroom yet...

Have a good weekend everyone!


Heather said...

I think, more than anything, this shuttling-the-furniture around thing stops me from having our floors redone. What a PAIN.

meryl rose said...

Yes, moving the furniture around is a HUGE pain. It is highly annoying. It's basically like packing up and moving 1/2 the house. And then unpacking when it's done. The silver lining is that at least we won't have to do the same thing room by room every so slowly and just get the huge headache tackled in one shebang.