Happy Birthday Labor

My dad's birthday was last week. Chris and I usually get him tools and A's stuff. My dad loves tools and my dad loves the A's. But I always feel bad getting people the same kind of stuff each year, even though I know that's what they like. I always get my brother ties and workout stuff for similar reasons and I feel similarly bad. So I asked Wendy what he might like and she said that there was a tree that was CEMENTED IN in front of their garage and it would be nice to take it out because they probably didn't have the right tools so it would take them forever. Birthday labor? What a fabulous idea! So we headed on up there on Saturday to remove the cement and tree

Yes, you heard and saw that correctly: some IDIOT cemented a tree in place


If we had a jackhammer that would have been perfect. And at this point it certainly feels like we've worked on enough projects to warrant buying one, but Mr. Roto Hammer was brought to help do the job

It was tough going at first and as you can see we weren't really getting anywhere

But we also brought the grinder so Chris broke it out and cut some lines along the border with the brick to help separate things and then a couple lines in the concrete to try to loosen things

And that really helped things out a lot. I hoped on the roto hammer (because we're buddies) and despite the walking boot I made excellent progress

Yup, I am now in a walking boot. This is the temporary one as the more armor-like inhibiting one is being ordered and will come in some time this week. My cast came off last week, but the doctor said I'd have to wear the brace for another month, grrrr. It doesn't stop my progress though!

I actually found a really good strategy for getting the concrete broken up pretty quickly by making small angles all over the place and then really driving the roto hammer into them and we got it broken up quicker than I think either of us anticipated

And once all the concrete was out we pulled out the sad little tree because he will be getting replaced

Not too shabby :) Chris and I were glad to loan our hands to help, and I think my dad (and Wendy) really appreciated the birthday present: who doesn't like having a cemented tree removed for you without breaking a sweat? :)


Deb said...

I had to laugh at your comment about getting your dad the same thing all the time. When my brother and I were younger and trying to make our way in the world (ie, we were broke), whenever we would ask dad what he wanted for Christmas/birthday/father's day he would ALWAYS say "Get me some clamps. You can never have too many clamps". (He was a woodworker and DIYer). It's become a tradition in the family now that (1) He still tells us that every holiday and (2) one of us inevitably gets him a clamp or two ;) I can't even begin to guess how many he has after 25 years of this but - as a DIY-er and beginner woodworker - I have realized that you really CAN'T have too many clamps ;)

meryl rose said...

ha ha! Well that makes two of us ! :) And it is true, you can NEVER have too many clamps.

Heather said...

A tree in cement? The mind boggles. Your new masthead looks great, by the way!

Gene Anderson said...

Cemented a tree in place?! If nothing else, must have made watering it a challenge. Boggling...

meryl rose said...

It definitely goes down as one of the strangest previous owner discoveries that's for sure. Weirdos.