I Told You There Was Another Project

We just can't help ourselves: it's time to rip down the fence. This is what it looked like when we first moved in

We've worked on several projects since then and now it's looking like this

There's a lot of stuff in front of it now, but it still looks like crap

This will likely be one of the last outdoor projects before we move back inside for a while, but we figured we might as well do it now because we want to get that last rain barrel hooked up and replacing the fence is a good idea because 1) it needs to be done at some point and 2) after a 300 gallon rain barrel gets full of water we're pretty much never going to be able to move it again.

The great thing is that our neighbor also thinks the fence looks like crap and we've agreed that if she splits the cost of the materials with us, we'll rebuild it. Sweet! We've actually talked about the project for almost 2 years, and now that we're getting to the rain barrels we finally got our asses in gear to do something about it. I called her up Tuesday night and said, "Hey, we're going to rip down the fence tomorrow and finally get to rebuilding it, how does that sound?" And her reply was "Great!" The conversation was a little more detailed, but you get the point :)

So I hobbled out there yesterday with Chris and we started breaking it down

The nice thing about having a fence that's old, built like crap and falling over is that it comes down really easy

Yes, that's Chris almost pushing over about 1/2 of it.

Because I'm in the can boot it was hard for me to help (many levels of ground to navigate in this area) so as Chris removed the siding portion of the fence he tossed the pieces onto the raised rock bed and I moved them over to the trash pile

Then we took out the larger, picket sections: he sawed at the posts with the recip saw to separate them...

...Wiggled to loosen them...

...and then literally lifted them out of place. I hobbled my way down to where he was and we carried each section out one by one. It actually went pretty fast and even with Can Boot Meryl we were able to get the whole thing taken out and cleaned up in maybe 3 hours

And as you can see there was A LOT of ivy. As Chris removed the last bit of wood here and there I was on ivy patrol and cut back and ripped out everything on our side of the property. We plan to spray the shit out of it and hopefully after our neighbor removes hers we'll be sorta kinda ivy free (or at least have less of it) so we can be better about managing it in the future.

At the end of the day we were left with this

And a very large trash pile

Though we were actually able to get rid of about 2/3rds of it when we went on a dump run in the afternoon, so now it doesn't appear as out of control. But our backyard is currently looking like a hot mess for sure with projects and remnants of projects everywhere.

Yesterday evening we met with our neighbor in our currently shared backyard to go over the design of the fence (we're going with something really simple and easy because we want to get it built fast and cost is a big consideration). We also still have to tear down the small portion of fence we share with our other neighbor (who is also willing to split the material cost), but she has an outside dog so we wanted to wait till she would be home for the day so she can have him inside with her and we can get that whole portion done at once so that she doesn't have a dog running loose between three houses and down the street. That's not fun for anyone.

But what is fun is not having an ugly fence to look at anymore!


Deb said...

Can I just say that I FREAKING HATE ivy? We've been fighting it at our house for years. Cut and spray, cut and spray, cut and spray, then pull as hard as you can to get those roots out of the ground. It's such an invasive plant...

meryl rose said...

I know, ivy is the WORST. When we first moved in we ripped it all down and spray spray sprayed and we really thought we got it. But no. Slowly it always just comes creeeeeping back.