The Shade is Finally Complete

The shade is one of those crazy projects that has taken me forever to complete. The original one took me forever because I was scared shitless to start it. And then when I hated it I was sort of apathetic about taking the task on again to sew and construct a second one. So that took an additional 2 months to get around to. But now that it's finally up I was excited to complete it.

The first thing was hemming it

I wanted the curtain to just graze the sill of the window, that way it could show off how pretty it is now that it's stained :) And luckily the bottom of the sill provided a nice edge for me to run the scissors along and get an even cut line

Then I just folded it, pinned it and pulled up a chair and put Toy Story 3 on and hemmed it by hand

Once the hemming was done, it was time to build the valance. Thanks to the wonderful suggestions of you awesome readers I thought this would help solve the look of it being birthed from the wall. In order to get the right size of the valance I put up some tape to get a good idea of what it would look like

I didn't like it looking so dinky so I made it a little taller

By making the valance taller I was hoping to balance out the size of the window (it's 6' plus wide and about 5 1/2' tall). When I found the size I liked I brought Chris inside to look at it and see what he thought. He wanted it a bit smaller. I still liked it bigger, so we agreed to split the difference: 77" wide and 8" tall

I wanted the valance to be soft, so after I cut down the fabric to the right size (a few inches longer and wider than the valance) I cut out a piece of batting twice the width so I could double it up when I wrapped it around the board with the fabric to staple it in place

And to make it a bit more cushy I cut out 3 pieces of batting the same size as the board to lay under the fabric and batting that would be wrapped around and stapled in the back

Once all the fabric and batting was cut to all the right sizes I set the 3 small pieces of batting on the top of the board and then laid the larger batting on top (folded in half)

Because the fabric for the valance is geometric I needed to be really careful about how I laid it down in place. I wanted to make sure that the pattern was even over the course of the whole piece of wood. Luckily the 8" tall piece of wood fit perfectly for 2 courses of the pattern on the fabric. To make sure that this pattern was repeated in the same way over the whole 77" I made sure to fold it over and staple each side in about 5 inch increments

I made sure to only work on one side for about 12" and then switch to the other side to make sure everything was being pulled at the same tension and things were all kept in place. In order to make sure that the pattern was lining up properly there was a specific point in the pattern of the fabric that I knew was supposed to come around the edge and onto the back as I was stapling, so I just made sure to pull tight to that point every time

It took me about 45 minutes just in pulling, tugging and stapling, but I really wanted to make sure the fabric lined up properly. And in the end...

PERFECT! I was super happy with how it turned out and very excited that the pattern lined up perfectly across all 77".

The last step was installing it, and I'll admit, this step also took longer than it should have (as with everything else having to do with this shade). It sat leaning against the wall for ohhh, another almost 2 weeks

Then last night I finally convinced Chris about 8 minutes after he came home from work that it was time to put the valance up :) We put right angle screws on the back of it

And then we held it up, put a level on top and screwed it into place

And then...the saga of the shade was finally complete

And it looks just as pretty open too

The valance definitely helps the whole curtain birthed from the wall thing

And I really like the two patterns together

And finally my friends, I don't have to worry about hating the shade or working on making a new one. Success!


Cheryl said...

You have amazing wrapping & stapling skills - that looks fabulous!

Hooray for another successful project completion.

Anonymous said...

The valance really makes the shade look complete! I think it's my favourite part now. You have excellent visionary skills.

meryl rose said...

Thanks you guys :)

And Cheryl, I am SO happy this project is complete :)