We Did Nothing

Work at the A's on Friday, Saturday, Sunday + a sick Chris = no work done this weekend. We were hoping to get 75% of the fence finished this past weekend with the last bits to complete on Wednesday, but that didn't happen. Instead, Chris came home early from work on Friday and has been laying on the couch or in bed since. He's also gone through about 2 boxes of Kleenex. He tried to tell me that on Saturday he was going to dig for the fence posts while I was at work and I threatened that he wouldn't get a Christmas present if I came home and found one ounce of dirt moved. I think it worked. The good news is that Chris is starting to finally feel better several days later.

I guess I was sorta lying when I said no work got done because I've tackled a couple items on our flooring to do list. So that's a bit of good news. My goal has been to get 2 items checked off a day. It's been 5 days since the list was made and there are currently only 6 items checked off. Clearly I'm not sticking to the plan, but at least I'm making progress!

The demo closet in the hallway has been emptied

And all the items are currently sitting in the front room

Emily: I wait with baited breath for our game night!

This room will get A LOT more full in the coming weeks as the contents from the soon to be stained rooms get emptied into here. Good thing it's big.

I also condensed (sort of) the laundry room and back bathroom

The bathroom will get condensed more, but I needed to leave room for when we bust through for the future door between the bedroom and the bathroom first.

We also lucked out and sold our mattress and bed frame within about 12 hours of listing them and upgraded to our king bed, hooray! However, we were mattress-less on Friday night, which totally fucking sucked. Sick Chris slept on the couch and I slept on...the floor. I had camping mats, but still: it sucked. The new bed however is a dream and I am in love. So my crappy night of sleep is just a distant memory.

And lastly: I cleaned out the art room closet and put the microwave on the kitchen counter and moved the kitchen side table out of the room as well.

Hooray for 6 items checked off!

Now, these items are of course easy peasy to start. But I'm hoping to get a couple more annoying ones checked off the list this week. #1 is to demo the ugly hall closet. I have dreams of discovering something like interesting trim (because past previous owners were idiots and covered up beautiful plaster moulding with a popcorn ceiling). But I'm not holding my breath. Either way, it will be really nice not to see this "artwork" anymore

Yup, some previous owner decided to decorate the side of the closet with a harangue about Jehovah. There are 3 other similar displays in another closet in the house. Sometimes I just don't get people.


Heather said...

I'm glad you didn't catch Chris' crud, at least. And I am so envious of your queen sized bed. My friend bought a house that had a hand painted fresco of deer with a bible verse. It was sort of awesome, that's all I'm saying. Think about it.

meryl rose said...

I am VERY thankful to have not caught what Chris had. My brother has mono too so it's just a sick fest with my family at the moment.

I like that fresco! And Nikki's artwork that she inherited at 86'N It is also awesome. Frankly though I just don't understand why someone felt compelled to write out long paragraphs on our walls. At least a drawing would have been nicer to look at.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I knew when you said "nothing" you couldn't possibly mean it!

meryl rose said...

I guess it is true, we can never do NOTHING for a whole weekend :) Unless we're away... :)

em said...

Banagrams!!! I love it. Cannot wait. We need to plan a weekend ASAP! Feel better Chris!

meryl rose said...

YES! We need our Louis and Jane fix too! :)