When Your Yard is a Landfill

This weekend our backyard looked like a bomb went off. Some of you may thing we're very productive and get lots of work done, but the trade off is that sometimes we don't pick up after ourselves very well...

Towards the front of our house we still have the shit pile from the front yard that we have yet to get rid of (now with more shit from when we removed the cemented in tree at my parent's), along with 2 pressure treated 2x4's we've been meaning to return to HD for several months and the many bags of concrete we got for the fence (and no, it's no fun at all to load 15 bags of concrete onto your cart, then into your car, then out to you backyard)

Then we have a ton of wood

The wood on the left and leaning up against the garage is for some benches that Chris needs to repair/rebuild at his job. And the ones on the right saw horses are for the fence.

Then there is just some crazy disarray

Patio furniture stacked willy nilly to make room, drainage materials stacked and waiting to be installed with the last rain barrel and a whole bunch of other crap just strewn everywhere.

But the best is this big ol' pile of crap

Pieces of the old fence, pieces of the rotten garage that Chris pulled off, pieces of the hallway closet, and just a whole bunch of other shit. There are nails and screws sticking out of everything and it's just a huge eyesore. The good news is that while the pile looked like this on Saturday morning

It now looks like this (but our beans are now more dead)

My dad and Wendy get a free dump load coupon to their local dump each year and figured we could make better use of it. YES PLEASE! So naturally they gave me "proof of residency," so we could snag their coupon and we loaded up the truck full of crap and headed off to take it to the dump. We had a 2 cubic yard load and based on fees in our area, using that coupon saved us around $60. Score! And now our yard only has a few piles of crap left in it. Like more wood for the fence

But some of that wood already got used up

That's right, while I was away all day Sunday working the Raiders game Chris got all the post holes dug and set in the posts

Hooray, we're ready to finally start building the fence! (I'm sure our neighbor is happy)

Chris is feeling a lot better and we've got corresponding time off in the next couple of days so hopefully I'll have a completed fence to share with you soon!


Jay Dub said...

Couple of questions about the upcoming fence. (I too am considering this soon.)

Do you have the wood already, so you can let it dry out/shrink? Or is it just coincidence. Will it dry out properly out-of-doors? As I understand it, shrinkage is quite significant (although possibly not so much with cedar/redwood, which you look to be using).

How did you decide against using just gravel in your fence posts?

I hope you do a very detailed how-to. :) I have all sorts of questions - maybe we should chat "off comment"? I will email you.


aptpupil said...

some people use just gravel or dirt to set their fence posts. i prefer the weight and more immediate strength of concrete.
gravel at the bottom of the post is a good idea so that the wood doesn't suck up a lot of moisture (concrete is basically a big sponge). i put some asphalt patch on the end grain to help with this as well.
we're not painting the fence and it's going to be outdoors its entire life so i wasn't at all concerned about acclimating it. at most we're looking at 3/16" of shrinkage for the 8' pieces. i'm not overly concerned about that. we will have shrinkage for the slats so there will be little gaps between them where you could see through to the neighbor's side of the yard. if i was really concerned about seeing 1/8" of the neighbor's backyard i would spend the time to cut a tongue and groove into each slat to allow for movement. in this case it doesn't bother me, though, so it's not worth the time to cut it on the router table or find slats already cut that way.