Car Wrap

This is what is currently going on at my parent's house

I drove out to their house this morning because they have a garage that has room to work (sawdust all around in ours...) and Chris of Pro Wraps is out there wrapping away. It's actually a pretty cool process and he was really nice and let me snoop all around while he worked on the hood. The only downer is that it takes a long time (till about 6 tonight) and I have to leave in an hour to make it back to Oakland via public transport for work (game 4 for the A's, think good thoughts!!!) My family is going to the game tonight and my parents will drive me back to their house to pick it up around 11 tonight when the game is over, and then I'll drive the 45 minutes back home to Oakland with a completely wrapped car. Then tomorrow is last minute furniture moving, floor refinishers coming and we'll be on the road by evening! It'll be a long next 30 hours, but then 2 weeks of amazing adventures!!!!


Deb said...

ACK!!!! So Exciting!!! Can't wait to follow along :)

meryl rose said...

I'm SO EXCITED!!!! Not too bad last night: got home at 12:15 (after AMAZING A'S WIN!!!) and had last minute stuff to do and now the flooring guys are here!