Countdown: 4 Days

We leave in 4 days, bah!!!!!

We had a lengthy to do list this weekend. And it felt like the first weekend in a month (because it was) that I could actually contribute to housework. Which was good because we still had those 18 items we needed to check off our to do list. Though this weekend the list turned to 17. We were originally going to bust out the wall between the art room closet and the bedroom closet and make the bedroom closet a lot bigger because really, how is a closet this long and skinny at all usable?

But then, when my mom was over on Saturday visiting and taking us out to lunch and I was going through the to do list I showed her the closet. And I bent down to show her the pattern in the wood that indicates that this area of the closet used to be part of the bedroom

And I noticed a little shadow on the right of the wood against the new wall whoever made this change framed in. And I couldn't get a good picture of it because there is very little light in this closet and a photo with the flashlight looked ridiculous, but they CUT the wood on the right. That's correct, when they framed in the wall they sliced into all the wood to make the wall. I have NO IDEA why they did this because they could have easily framed that new wall on top of the hardwoods, but they decided to saw through the beautiful original hardwood to frame that stupid wall. And that my friends, is how we will not be making the bedroom closet bigger: there was no way we would be able to make the closet bigger, frame it nicely and patch 4 feet of hardwoods in 4 days. Sigh.

But we didn't let it deter us, instead we motored through the list this weekend and got another 8 items checked off!

The remaining items are last minute things: moving the mattress into the TV room, moving the stove into the back bathroom, packing up and removing the closet and the shelving inside, etc. It'll be a challenge getting it all done because tonight my brother and his wife are taking me and Chris out for a belated birthday dinner for me, Tuesday night I'm at work and (potentially, hopefully) Wednesday night I will be at work as well, and then, Thursday...WE LEAVE!

The art room is now completely empty

And our bedroom is on its way there as well

The front room finally looks like a disaster

But I did try to keep a nice little pathway carved out for Chris' sister in case she needs to get around this room while she's staying at the house keeping it company while we're away

Though I still do have to put all of our closet clothes somewhere...so she might just be confined to the TV room...at least there's a bed, a TV and soon to be fridge in there! :)

Last on the to do list this weekend was a "test pack" for the trip. I wanted to make sure all of the must have tools fit in the car, but then we also had a wish list of tools that we were hoping could fit. And ta da!

And the backseat

And clearly there is even extra room

I have no idea why Chris ever doubted my supreme packing skills. I am the packing master.

The adventure is almost here!


Bunny @ 86n It said...


And I agree, you are the packing master!

meryl rose said...

Tetris! :)

Cheryl said...

I guess that explains why I only see one suitcase for two people for two weeks - you are the packing master! Although I guess you don't need too many different types of clothes and can probably find a washer & dryer along the way.

meryl rose said...

That washer and dryer will be key...other than that it's basically all work clothes which don't care if they get all wrinkly and crushed :)