Greetings from Cincinnati

I am back. With correct punctuation and all!

Since we last left you (in Texarkana) we drove through Arkansas and Tennessee on our way to North Carolina to seeeeee: Nikki, Marc and Franca!

On the way there we stopped in Memphis for lunch at a place called Corky's. And it was amazing. Food coma, paralysis and ridiculousness, but oh so tasty

We didn't have much time to drive around and explore on our drive, which has been a shame most of the trip so far. The first 1/3 has been super jam packed making sure we get from place to place on time so we haven't been able to check out any museums or anything. Alas, the trip goes on.

After Memphis we pretty much plowed through Tennessee, got pulled over for speeding (damnit!) and pulled in 45 minutes late to Nikki and Marc's at 10:45 at night on Sunday. We felt awful, but Nikki is super understanding and kept assuring us it was fine.

The posts about our projects (at Tinkernation here and Bobvila.com here) later today, so I'll save the juicy project details for their sites, but suffice it to say we had an awesome time. Nikki and Marc are super funny and great to hang out with. We had great talks about renovating, work, our families and anything else. And if you think Franca is cute, I'll burst your bubble: she's adorable. That little lady is hilarious and spunky and so damn cute

And also very eager to help out in any way she can

Oh sweet, funny, spunky toddlers.

Working on the project was great and so much less stressful when you're helping someone else out rather than working on your own project. That's not to say we didn't want to get it done right (Nikki left at one point to get a few things from HD and Chris and I mis-measured something and for a second we thought we wouldn't be able to finish and I almost had a panic attack), but getting to work on someone else's project just for fun to help them out is a breath of fresh air. And add to that the fact that Nikki and Marc are so easy going and you can imagine Chris and I had a great time.

After I took the "After" pics of our finished work yesterday (Tuesday) morning I told Chris not to make fun of me if I cried when we said good bye. How pathetic am I? It was the beginning of this crazy adventure, the first house we visited and we just had so much damn fun that I was sad to see it end. Sigh. But we gave Nikki a big hug (Marc had sadly already left for work) and Franca blew us a kiss good bye. That sealed the awesome deal :)

We hoped in the car and took off for Michigan. We stopped on the way in Knoxville for lunch and someone spotted our car and posted on our facebook page and that just continued the awesome-ness. And then Nikki texted me that she was finishing up the trim around the doors just hours after we left and it felt awesome that the project was being continued and the finishing touches were being completed. And lastly, the bit that melted my heart was a text from her yesterday evening, someone was driving by the alley by their house and Nikki told Franca that maybe it was daddy, and she said maybe it was me and Chris. Well damnit, that just melted my and Chris' hearts.

An awesome visit indeed :)

And now, off to Michigan! The drive today is much shorter so we should be able to fiddle around and check some stuff out along the way and then it's time for our Turtle House, DIY Diva and Russet St. Reno adventures back to back to back!


em said...

Sounds like a great trip so far! Just no more speeding tickets!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

She is still talking about you too!


Really. Seeing you two do such amazing work in such sync really got me motivated to finish it. I'm honestly off the basement now to cut the second door's trim!