hello from 134 miles east of fargo

we are currently driving on interstate ninety four. i had to spell that out because i cannot figure out how to type our numbers in the blogger dashboard on my phone. the poor punctuation continues as well, of course.

we spent yesterday in racine, wisconsin with sara, shaun and their so damn stinkin cute son ashford. within about three minutes of being inside their house i felt it was appropriate to steal sara s baby from her and walk around the house with him. we became best friends. he is seriously so cute its almost too difficult to handle.

while we were there we got a storm door installed, some shelves hung and a heater vent put in. all before lunchtime. then we watched the packer game with them, naturally. when in rome, right?

sara and shaun were so nice and inviting, it was a wonderful stop number four on the roadtrip. its amazing to actually realize that we are in the home stretch and in just three days we will be back at home. on one hand i am very sad because we have had soooo much fun. chris and i love road trips together and it has just been the silliest and coolest thing to get to meet so many fellow bloggers and have such a great time with them all. not that i didnt think they would all be great, but i was nervous about how it would be actually meeting everyone in real life and i will be completely honest, it has been awesome. everyone is so nice, fun, helpful, thankful and just such good hosts. i wish our in real life jobs would have allowed us to take this trip for longer than just two weeks. and thats the only part that i am not super sad about having end, allllll the driving. for instance, we are currently now on mile one hundred twenty two heading west out of minnesota and we have another, ohhhhh fifteen hundred plus miles till we hit portland. tomorrow. hitting all the stops has sometimes been exhausting, like driving for twenty one hours straight and then sleeping on an air compressor in the back seat because, yes, i did that on the second night.

but that exhaustion is quickly burned away when we come across each blogger. i love getting to know them more, talking about our families, cities, homes, friends, anything. there has been no shortage of talk and no shortage of fun. and i am so thankful for that.

alright, its time to try to nap before we hit fargo because then its my turn to drive.

happy monday.


em said...

What a whirlwind! But glad you are having so much fun. Very jealous of your Madison pit stop, how was the Old-Fashioned??

meryl rose said...

Awesome of course! Though chris went eggless. My chili came with spaghetti in it and it was tasty :) definitely didn't disappoint the second time around :)

em said...

Eggless?! What? Chili with spaghetti... Isn't that Cincu style? Lets catch up soon when you are back!