Now It's Just Waiting

Currently I am sitting in a coffee shop doing some miscellaneous work (and possible internet surfing) while I wait for Chris to get off of work. The flooring refinishers are at our house now (I left as they were starting to sand sand sand sand) and I am finding ways to occupy my time until Chris gets off of work at 4 this afternoon.

So far this morning I have: packed up the rest of the stuff for our trip and loaded it into the car, found a tasty new breakfast place, sufficiently surfed my standard internet bookmarks, written a post for Tinkernation, emailed and text messaged back and forth a lot with family, contemplated working on a project for another job I have, checked the hours at an Oakland clothing store that sells an awesome A's shirt that I absolutely need to have, read a lot of articles about the A's game last night (that I was at, but that makes no difference because it was AMAZING) and sat and creeped people out by accidentally staring off in space and having them think I was staring at them (I promise I'm not a crazy creeper nice lady with the turquoise sweeter!)

But I absolutely cannot wait until 4 when Chris gets off of work and I will meet him at home. We'll do some last minute stuff, get his sister situated at the house and then head out on the RENOVATION ROAD TRIP! I think the goal is to be on the road by about 5pm. And then of COURSE we will be listening to the A's game (and you should too!) all car ride long.

If you happen to see us driving around the country over the next two weeks don't be shy about saying hi!

We'll be hard to miss :)

But seriously, this waiting game is killing me, I'm SO EXCITED TO LEAVE. I'm so excited to meet all the bloggers I already feel like are my friends but that I've only internet known. Nikki and Marc at 86'N It, Katy and Brandon at Turtle House, Kit at DIY Diva, Sara and Shaun at Russet St. Reno and Heather and Greg at Just a Girl with a Hammer are an awesome, amazing, stupendous group of renovators who I am beyond thankful to for joining in on this crazy adventure.

Of course while on the trip we'll be blogging along the way for Tinkernation (and I believe they should be launching the page www.tinkernation.com/roadtrip later today to follow along on our trip specifically), and recently Bobvila.com also hopped on board and we'll be writing about each stop along the way there too! (I believe on their blogs page, but stay tuned, you better believe I'll send along the links! :)

In just 5 hours or so Chris and I will be starting our crazy 2 week, 6,500 mile adventure!

But of course, Chris and I will keep posting here as well! We'll try to keep it real time and post little snippets all along the road and sprinkle in some longer posts when we've got time so that we can make sure to take you all on the adventure with us. It's going to be a crazy fucking 2 weeks and I can't wait!


Gene Anderson said...

The road trip is pretty awesome.

Which breakfast place, and which store for A's gear?

meryl rose said...

Oaklandish OF COURSE :) I NEED this shirt

And I had breakfast at Little House Cafe in Alameda, so tasty!

Gene Anderson said...

Figured it was Oaklandish, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some other great place :-)

Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

Have a fun trip! Maybe we'll see your car cruising around Portland hardware stores!

Deb said...

Safe travels!!!

(I'd listen to the A's game but this is Orioles country and who would have thought they'd be in the playoffs????? Sorry, but I'd be drawn and quartered for even listening to another game - ha!)

meryl rose said...

And now the Orioles are out too :( I'm going to have to root for the Tigers because I hate everyone else, grrrr

Bradley and Jackie said...

The car wrap is amazing and such a cool idea!! Stay safe on the road and have tons of fun with all your projects! Those families are lucky to get your help and expertise! This renovation road trip is the perfect idea for you 2 :) They should make it a show!