Renovation Roadtrip: DIY Diva

After we hung out with Katy and Brandon we headed over to Kit's (of DIY Diva fame) to work on her awesome house and the amazing land she calls home. Which of course came with more of Chris attempting to convince me to move to Michigan. And now he had Kit, Katy and Brandon all on his side too. DAMNIT! I have to admit, their houses really couldn't do anything to convince me that this wasn't a perfectly awesome idea. Wouldn't you enjoy this view Kit has when she's working at her computer?

Unfortunately, I'm 27 going on 4 and the thought of leaving my parents makes me turn into a crying mess. Chris (and Kit, Katy and Brandon) will have to work on me a bit longer.

But ANYWAY, Kit is the best kind of crazy you can imagine. And I say crazy with a deep amount of respect. If you have ever read her blog you know that she gets more done in about 17 minutes than any of us can imagine doing in a month. She has about 13 projects going at once (or maybe 31, sometimes I'm dyslexic) and she does it all with the best attitude. It's quite amazing actually.

When we got to her house on Thursday night I will freely admit that I was absolutely intimidated. She's a bad ass chick and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to keep up with her. Maybe not even 1/2 as much. But you know what, she has such an awesome attitude and wants you to have fun that it's impossible to not want to work hard with her around. So that's just what we did.

We unloaded a ginormous table saw from the back of her car after being awake for about 20 minutes

When that task was complete we moved on to her future master bathroom. She's got a crazy outdated whirlpool jacuzzi tub that is the biggest space hog (and not very pretty to look at), so naturally we wanted to destroy it

It all went pretty swinmingly until we reached this point. And then we realized, ummm, how the FUCK do we get this thing outta here?

Let me tell you, that was no easy task. The tub wasn't necessarily that heavy, it was just HUGE and crazy weird to try to grab onto. Naturally, we pretty much rolled it out of the room and into the hallway, and that's when things got a liiiittle difficult

I wish I had set up a video camera to document how we spent the next 45 minutes attempting to get the bath tub from the top of her stairs, down the stairs, past a 90 degree landing and out of her house. It was hilariously comical (and I literally laughed out loud reading Kit's post about it). There was lots of grunting, lots of "Nope, that doesn't work," lots of rotating, LOTS of lifting, and a ton of laughter. It really was ridiculous

Once we finally got the tub down to that landing (after realizing it was not in fact an equilateral triangle so it needed to be rotated in another direction --> those math classes finally came in handy!), we hit just a smidge of a hiccup. The tub sat on that landing with us twisting, rotating and lifting for about 15 minutes. And then, in a moment as if our baby was under a car, the three of us lifted that damn tub over the top of the newel post (a full on 3+ feet in the air) and somehow managed to carry it over the top of the post and down the stairs. Miraculously without anyone falling backwards down the stairs. And then we were all very happy

Yes, we carried that tub down the stairs.

But the fun did not stop there. We finally got the tub out of the house...

...and Chris had this brilliant idea

Which resulted in this


It was definitely one of our prouder moments.

With the tub out of the house, we stopped for lunch, then moved on to project #2 (after Chris showed Kit how to cap and solder her pipes, another tool for her arsenal): installing a wood trim ceiling above her stairway on the second floor

While Chris and Kit installed, I cut the boards down to size and prepped things

We had a good working system down that enabled us to be really efficient and we were able to knock out about 1/3 of the ceiling in maybe 90 minutes or so. Of course, by the time we were stopping for dinner we were getting right to the juicy part: navigating around the light and the curved part of her ceiling

It was a day full of lots of hard work, but it was also amazingly fun. Kit seriously has such a good attitude. I have so many pictures of her just smiling along as we're working. It's impossible to not have a good time when you're around her. And the fact that she knows a ton, can built a bunch of stuff and is just plain fun to be around is icing on the cake. Plus, she'll make you a really tasty breakfast sandwich as a reward for your hard work

Thanks for all the fun Kit!

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Tomorrow I'll take a little break from the roadtrip to give you an update on our damn floors.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

I love the video of you walking slowly next to the tub. HA!

I should have had Chris show me how to sweat pipes while he was here. My dad has showed me twice and I SUCK at it!

meryl rose said...

I was nervous that I was going to have to brace it in case it toppled over, but we set it on so that most of the weight was towards the back, so it was amazingly successful :)

Chris showed me one time, but my solder looked like shit. It worked, but it was not so pretty. Therefor: he is our master solder-er :)

kit @ DIYdiva said...

We needed Katy there eariler to provide her brilliant suggestion of having you ride in the tub while I dragged it! Can't believe we didn't think of that! lol.

Anonymous said...

Can you guys come back to the midwest and show us how to take out a wall and move a gas line? :D

meryl rose said...

Kit: I love how the two people from the biggest cities came up with the best hillbilly ideas.

Anonymous: if we can get someone to sponsor renovation roadtrip #2! We do love us some midwest!

Feral Turtle said...

Awesome! You can use your lawn mower too. That's
how we moved our pre-built walls for our dormers.

meryl rose said...

Lawn mower1? That's awesome! :)