we're Sitting in Traffic in Chicago

i am back at it on my phone, so you know what that means, incorrect punctuation, no capitalization and no photos. which makes me sad because i have a lot of photos i want to share of all the crazy fun we have been having.

we arrived in michigan on wednesday and were working at katy and brandons at turtle house tiling their kitchen backsplash on thursday. yesterday we were at kits of diydiva and took on all sorts of crazy adventures like removing a ginormous tub out of her future master bath and somehow navigating it down a flight of stairs and into her garage. kit just posted about it at diydiva.net, also on the right sidebar, and i promise, the post is hilarious, just as most posts by kit are.

michigan was great and we are excited for wisconsin and sara, shaun and ashford tonight. more to come later. and with photos.

happy weekend everyone. i think its saturday at least. chris and i have lost all concept of time.

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Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

We are so excited you guys are here! Sorry about the Chicago traffic, we hate Illinois with their damn tolls. HA