Art Room/Office & Animal Room in Order, Kinda

Ever since I painted my art room and now art room/office I've been procrastinating about getting it in order. The task seemed a little arduous seeing as the contents of the room were all over the house, but this past weekend I made some serious headway. And while it's not totally finished, it's about 87% there.

Now that it's not just my art room I had to figure out a floor plan that allowed for my desk, sewing table and work table. And all are fairly big. And one whole wall is taken up by my big, much loved shelving unit. And another wall is not super usable because it can get in the way of getting into the animal room (it's a straight shot from the doorway into the room to the doorway into the animal room). It took me a while of rotating things around before I settled on a layout I liked

I liked the above layout the best and left it like that for a couple days, but the view from my desk was right into our neighbor's yard

Our neighbor's have a very pretty backyard, but I felt a little like a creeper staring at their house and into the yard. A little too voyeuristic. So again, a shift

I still haven't moved in my work table (we're building new legs for it). It'll go to the left of my sewing table in the above pic. And the view now from my desk makes me feel much less like a creeper

That wall is boring now, but I plan on covering it with paintings, photos, artwork, etc., so it'll be pretty to look at in the future.

Once the layout was set I slowly started putting things back in place. And I do mean slowly. It's taken me nearly 2 weeks

And now?

Chris and I still need to trim the top of it and then I'll line up all my artist's books on top. But the shelving unit fits all of my work and art supplies (after a bit of a purge), so that is a very good thing.

My desk area still looks the same (though with the addition of my lunch on my desk...)

I'll move the printer in here as well (it currently resides in Chris' office, but I use it a lot more for work), and I need to make curtains. In the morning I can barely see my monitor because the sun is so bright through the window on the left and then in the afternoon it gets quite warm from the sun coming in through the window on the right. I bought fabric and it has arrived, but it's very light so I also purchased black out fabric (that I'll use for Cashew's room too) and that has yet to arrive. Here's the fabric I went with

Premier Prints Rosa - Drew Drapery Fabric in Berries $9.98 per yard

(image from and purchased here)

And the wall across from my desk? It now looks like this

It still looks pretty bare. Clearly my bobbleheads need art friends on the wall. But I just haven't gotten there yet. I'm thinking it'll look pretty awesome though :) I've got my stack of stuff to go on the wall waiting, I've just been too lazy to put it all up yet.

And because this room is finally getting in order, the animal room is almost cleared out and ready to start filling it with Cashew's stuff (of which we have bought none of yet)

I'm still not sure of the layout, but we'll get it figured out once we start getting the crib, dresser and all that other fun stuff.

And since we're on the subject of the Cashew, here's a belly pic of me from Thanksgiving

My cousin is also pregnant, so it was our first pregnancy pic together. She's due a little over a month after me (baby #3 for her and her husband) so it's pretty cool that we can share our little preggo bellies together. Though, I must confess, my belly is very full from a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast I'd eaten about an hour before this pic was taken, so I was about 1/2 baby belly and 1/2 food belly but I felt comfortable blaming it all on the Cashew.

And how is Cashew treating me? Well, the gas has mostly subsided (thank god) and I've started eating a lot of small meals a day instead of the standard 3. I've found that eating a small amount about every 2-3 hours makes me feel a lot better. And I'm lucky that mostly working from home since the baseball season is over allows me to eat well and eat frequently without too much trouble. I've started to get some nasty headaches, but working with the windows open to get fresh air and the frequent smaller meals seem to have helped that cause as well. Which is all much appreciated by me. I'm still pretty tired, though I've been able to make it past 9 a couple times in the past week which is pretty exciting (and Saturday night I made it to 11, woo-hoo!). I haven't gotten a solid good night sleep in a while however (which is apparently something I should get used to...) so I've developed a twitch in my left eye that has not gone away for the last 8 days. So that's not really very fun. And add to that the fact that I just developed a pretty crappy cold and am snotting all over the place and I'm kind of a cranky mess at the moment. I will most likely be spending the day in bed as my nose is running like a faucet, my throat is sore and my body is oh so achy and I can barely keep my eyes open. I can't blame the cold on the Cashew, but I would enjoy a good night sleep. Happy Monday I guess.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

You look great!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Nikki!


Yea, I'm a little sad that I look just as pregnant as you and I'm only 8 weeks... I guess my body just cant hold my guts in anymore! So happy to have seen you for Thanksgiving! Yippie for 2013 babies!!

meryl rose said...

Baby #3 must just be getting excited to make it's appearance next summer already :)