Back Bathroom Floor Plan Revisions

I'm back with more back bathroom floor plan fun. And I hope this time not to stress you out :) When I posted about the floor plan on Tuesday Chris realized there were a couple of things we had to change and then my step dad wrote an email to me with a fantabulous idea for our shower. So yesterday, we made a couple revisions.

The first up was actually making sure that the sink and toilet fit the space and gave us enough room to sit on the pot. Some of you expressed your desire to have the toilet rotated around (believe me, I did too). But because of existing plumbing and framing work done that was just not in the cards for us. I know, poopy, but hey, I just had to move on. So we drove down to HD and bought the toilet we wanted (an American Standard Champion 4 Max found here on Amazon, but it's way cheaper at HD) and then put it "in place" in the bathroom with the sink

Obviously the sink will be mounted a bit more professionally when the bathroom is done, but we just wanted to get a general idea. We actually had to cut out some of the framing in the wall to get it in (the doorway into the room from the bedroom is taped off with plastic to keep the bedroom from getting crazy dusty) but that's okay because we had to cut it away anyway to accommodate our cubbies anyway.

Chris and I both had a few pretend bathroom experiences. We walked around it, sat down, got up, moved around, etc. to make sure that there really was enough room and that things weren't too tight (if they were we'd get a round front instead of the elongated one to save a few inches). But there actually was plenty of room and it didn't feel cramped one bit. Right Chris?

Hehe :)

Once the toilet situation was figured out it was time to move on to the shower

My step dad wrote me an email and pointed out that, DUH! the shower didn't have to be a rectangle. I could make it any shape I wanted. Brilliant! Here is CBH's shower (it has glass now, but this was towards the end of their renovating process and their glass hadn't been installed yet)

Not the best pic I have (bad lighting) but notice the shape? It's a rectangle that cuts across diagonally in the corner. Now, for his shower they did this because they didn't want the corner so far into the room and cramp things, and if we replicated the same shape in our shower we'd be able to bump out both the width and length by a couple of inches (gaining usable space) and then cutting across diagonally at the corner to make way for the door and not have the corner of the shower so far into the room taking up floor space. Hooray!

With this new plan we were able to adjust the width of the shower and make it wider by 5 inches. In such a small space 5 inches makes a big difference

Once that was figured out we started trying to lay out where we wanted the diagonal cut across for the door. We measured the opening in our main bathroom's shower at 25 1/2 inches. We bumped this one up to 26" (I know, huge difference, right?) and brought out the speed square to make sure we got a nice 45 degree angle

And once we had that angle figured out with a width of 26" for the door, the length of the shower was determined to be 49", 8" longer than the previous dimension, but it doesn't cramp the space at all

Here's what it looked like before

Much roomier. Chris and I both "stepped in" and it can comfortably fit two people.

We're unsure if we'll build one, two or no cripple walls on the other two shower walls (probably about 30" tall). If it really saves on glass we'll do it, but both of us would prefer the entire surround to be glass for a more seamless look. I'll get the glass company in here in a week or two to make us a rough estimate to see what plan we should go with. Hopefully it won't be too much to make it all glass vs. cripple wall and glass because I think all glass will look positively divine.

We also had to adjust the niche plan, but that's minor. Chris pointed out to me that the idea for my one niche 20" wide wouldn't work because that's a load bearing wall and to make one wide niche we'd have to put in a header, etc. (duh), so instead we'll just built 2 smaller niches right next to each other in each stud bay. Easy revision.

The last revision to the plan were our cubbies

Because the shower was now wider we had to adjust the placement of the cubbies. We lost 8 inches so I was a little nervous that the cubbies would have to be shrunk down a lot, but instead of making them 10" from the finished wall on the right and the edge of the shower glass on the left, I just made them 4" away

It'll make it feel a little tighter, but storage in here is a must so I'm okay with it.

Now with those revisions made we can actually start moving forward! Which we did last night. After the shower size was figured out, we placed the plumbing and Chris started soldering

Ahhhh, the smell of progress :)


Natalie said...

Great idea cutting the corner off on the shower. We actually did something similar in our laundry room for "drip closet" aka Dog Shower. Having a square shower in the small room took up way too much room. You can see it here http://retrorenovation.com/2012/06/25/daltile-floors-dog-shower-for-laundry-room/

Good luck!

Heather said...

This didn't stress me out, but I took a Xanax before reading it. Is that weird? ;)

I really like the new shower shape--good job step-Dad!

meryl rose said...

OMG Natalie - your dogs are so cute, the names are ingenious and that shower stall is awesome!

Heather - phew! I was hoping I didn't stress you out ;)

G said...

Awesome solution and the toilet actually isn't too cramped! especially since there is not going to be a base cab for your sink (right?)

meryl rose said...

Yup, no base cabinet for the sink, it's just wall mounted. Hooray for the appearance of more room! :)

Stacie said...

When we remodeled our very tiny bathroom (approx 7x7) there was no way we could build a nice sized shower into it and not make the space feel any smaller than it already was. Our solution to the problem was to make a curbless shower and waterproof the entire bathroom so that when we showered, the entire room could get wet; no glass doors or shower curtain needed if you didn't want one. We live in Los Angeles and our inspector required us to get our floor "hot-mopped" to provide the waterproof barrier on the floor and the surrounding walls up to 1 or 2 feet (can't remember exact measurements). I hope that makes sense? We are soooo happy with our decision to do it this way. Our tiny bathroom looks so much larger, it can accommodate 2 adults and a toddler all showering at once, and cleaning the bathroom is super fast and easy with a quick hose down! Anyway, I just thought I'd mention our solution in case it could be of some help to you. Whatever you decide, I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

aptpupil said...

we thought about a curbless shower for a moment. unfortunately linear drains are very expensive and the extra waterproofing would also add more time and money.
hot mopping is an older style waterproofing method. today most people would use redgard or hydroban.

Monique said...

Not sure if you've looked at HD or Lowes for a premade Neo Angle Shower door? I think you can find kits for the base/walls but I'm not sure the quality for the doors. Good Luck!

threeacres said...

Hooray another bathroom remodel! This is going to be sweet. Sorry I'm still catching up...

I love neoangle showers but note that you're glass installation just got a lot harder. I don't know if you're thinking frameless or U-channel but if you put your door on the angled end (which is ideal for functionality) you'll have to take the glass panel it hinges on to the ceiling for support. Or you'll have to add a metal header around all of the panels. If your glass guys tell you anything differently then find someone else. :) If you're hinging the door off the wall then it's no big deal you can make the glass as tall or short as you want.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Monique! I have seen them before, but yeah, the quality isn't super great. We have a glass company that did our shower surround in the main bathroom that we really like (and they were affordable) so we'll see what they say (and keep our fingers crossed :)

Hi Robin! Yeah, I know that shape can be difficult. My parent's bathroom has a metal header that goes all the way around. Not the prettiest, but it's also not as distracting as I thought it would be. That will probably be the way we go, just to make it easier.