Back Bathroom Floor Plan

Normally I'm really excited to do floor plans. But something about Chris asking me to make sure I figured out the exact floor plan of the bathroom while he was down in LA for Thanksgiving weekend felt very daunting. We were kind of stuck here

In order to keep moving forward I needed to really pin down the layout. We had an idea of the layout we wanted, but I really needed to lock down all the measurements (how big is the shower, where exactly on the wall where the sink go, what's the measurement of our cubbies, etc.) Once that step is complete we can start wiring (and figuring out the exact placement) for outlets, finish the rest of the framing, rough in some of the plumbing and start putting up the rest of the wonderboard. 

In some ways having the freedom to move things around exactly where I wanted them made things a bit more difficult. Pretty much the only thing that was exactly fixed was the toilet. The sink and shower were fixed on which walls they would go on, but where exactly they'd be placed was up to us.

Armed with the measurements of the toilet and sink I started taping things off. Hello future toilet

The sink will go to the left of the toilet in the above pic. The sink is pretty wide (26'") and both Chris and I didn't want it attached dead in the corner sharing two edges (the back and left) with walls. We wanted it spaced out from the left wall just a little bit. The only kicker was that we need enough clearance in front of the toilet so that we can sit on the pot and not knock into the sink, and things were a bit tight (I used that piece of wonderboard as a place holder for where I figured our feet would go out to while sitting on the toilet)

I wanted the sink to be 6" away from the left wall, but that just wasn't going to fit with the toilet so I made it 4" away. With just the 4" bump out there was 17 1/2" between the sink and the toilet. We have 15" between the toilet and tub in the main bathroom and it's a little tight, but it works, so I figured this would be okay

It would have been great if we could have rotated the toilet 90 degrees counter clockwise because there was plenty of room in the other direction...

...but because of framing issues, that just wasn't going to happen. It would have been awesome, but hey, that's what's renovating is about - working with what you've got. 

Once the sink and toilet placement was set, I moved on to figuring out the dimensions of the shower. We'll be doing a mud job so we can make the shower any dimension that we want. Originally I wanted it to be 40" wide, but that made it come very close to the corner of the sink and there wasn't very good clearance to get through to the toilet

Because things were a little tight, I decided to make it only 36" wide (and 40" long) and it gave everything a little bit more breathing room

This shower will have a glass enclosure. I figure with a 36" wide shower we'll have a 6" fixed pane of glass so the shower door will be 30" wide (like a standard interior door). If the door swung out into the room it would come really close to the entrance of the room

So we'll have the door swing into the wall so that it doesn't cramp the room so much. 

I really wanted a bench in the shower so I googled around to figure out what the hell its dimensions should be (the internet says anywhere from 16-20" tall and 12-18" deep) and taped it off (I made it 20" tall and only 12" deep)

But when I "sat" on the imaginary seat, it made the shower feel pretty small

No dice. So then I opted for a corner shower bench (18" from each corner side). Originally Chris and wanted the bench to be tiled, but because the shower area isn't very large I was afraid that having a tiled bench might cramp things even more and make it look really full. Then all of a sudden it dawned on me and I realized that there are wood benches in showers all the time so we could make this corner bench out of wood, hooray! The wood would tie in the darker shades of the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and break up all of the white in the shower. Teak is a safe wood for shower areas, so now I just have to convince Chris... (I believe his exact response was, "That will be a lot of work, we'll talk about it.")

Next on the list was figuring out the exact placement of our cubbies

The cubbies are a marvelous idea that one of us thought of (I can't remember who because it was so damn long ago by this time). This wall is already framed, but it's not load bearing so we'll alter the framing a bit to accommodate the cubbies we'll build into this wall for storage.

I wanted the cubbies centered on the 40" of space between the wall and the end of the shower

They will be roughly 10" from the wall, 10" from the end of the shower and 20" wide.

Then came the task of figuring out how high to make it off the ground, how tall to make it and what size to make all the shelves. For a place holder for the tape I drilled up two pieces of scrap wood for where the top and bottom of the cubbies would be

I was just winging it and the top didn't quite make it to 6' like I'd intended, but whatever

I thought I'd spend more time figuring out all the cubbie details, but it actually came pretty organically. 6' seemed like a good height, 2' from the floor seemed like a distance from the ground and then with a 4' tall opening it made sense for all the shelves to be 12" tall

I'm not sure what material the shelves will be, but I'm leaning towards making them teak as well to tie them into the shower bench. 

There's even enough room in the corner between the cubbies and the light switch to put up a hook for a towel

The last task on the list? Figuring out the niche in the shower for our shampoo, shaving cream, etc. Originally I thought having 2 on each corner wall would be cool, but measuring that all out so it didn't get in the way of the shower faucet control and the plumbing behind the wall would be a little annoying. So I just opted for one on the non-plumbing wall, measured out how much space our shower crap takes up in the other bathroom and figured out 20" wide and 12" high was a good space. Plus, it matches the same size as each of our cubbie shelves and I thought that was pretty cool

Once I got everything all figured out I wrote down necessary measurements on the tape so I could remember the exact dimensions I had set everything to. The tape is pretty accurate, but I wasn't as anal retentive as I usually am so they were an inch off here or there in some cases, so writing the exact measurements was important

And that my friends, is how I spent almost 2 1/2 hours of my Saturday afternoon. But at least now we can really get moving on the back bathroom!


Heather said...

This post stressed me out, is that weird? If/when we remodel our bathroom I want to hire you to consult!

G said...

I know you are working w/limitations, but please PLEASE try to rotate the toilet 90 degrees counter clockwise - there has to be a way!

meryl rose said...

I totally will Heather!!! I love being all nerdy (and nosey) with my tape measure and blue tape!

And G, I totally agree, switching the toilet orientation is a dream, but not likely to happen :( Though my step dad did write me and email this morning about a very good shower idea that might help solve some space issues that will hopefully work out! Chris and I are going to talk about revisions tonight and hopefully I'll publish a revision post to this on Thursday! (a mood board post is on the ticket for tomorrow)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I agree that this post is a little stressful, I had flashbacks to the kitchen reno and that was not fun. I totally get what you mean about having all kinds of choices and that making it too hard to figure out. All I have to say is, I love teak in bathrooms! Maybe I will see this bathroom in person some day :)

Brian said...

I would highly recommend getting a custom shower pan that you can tile rather than do a mud pan. I did my first and last mud pan last year. I thought it would be cheaper, but in the end it cost almost as much as it would have to get the custom shower pan that would have been ready to tile and perfectly water tight and square. Way too much effort compared to how easy it would be to just plop the pan down and have it ready to tile. Our shower is about 4' x 7', though.

meryl rose said...

Haha Sara! Once I finally get started on the floor plans I actually really like doing them. It's one of my favorite parts (clearly I have serious problems). I hope you do see it in person!!! :)

Brian, thanks for the advice about the custom pan! I'll definitely let Chris know as he's the boss when it comes to building materials. I know he was split on doing a mud job and something else, and maybe it was the custom pan. Thanks!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

We are doing a teak shower bench too. The built-in was too much of a hassle!
Can't wait to see this come together!

meryl rose said...

Doing a built in seemed like a huge hassle. Chris found this bench that attaches to the wall that I think we might get (or at least it's going on my amazon wishlist for Christmas!)