Back Bathroom Mood Board

I'm not going to lie, this post has been a draft since FEBRUARY OF LAST YEAR. Yes, February of 2011. That's how long it's been since the back bathroom has been gutted and we started purchasing many of the materials. So embarrassing I know. But because we're finally starting to actually work on the back bathroom (hooray!) I think it's time to fill you in on all the fixtures that have already been decided on. 18 months ago. And have been pilled in our laundry room. For 18 months.

Here she blows (you can click on it to make it bigger)

Let's break it down.

1. Paint colors. I still can't quite decide on the color (but that'll come later when more of the room is complete). I'm thinking about a grayish green but am on the fence about dark or light. I'm not afraid of dark colors anymore, but the bathroom is really pretty small, so I'm afraid that it might look really closed in. There will be A LOT of white tile though, so there really won't be that much paint on the walls...as you can tell I really have no idea.What I do like (from bottom to top) are these Benjamin Moore colors: Sabre Gray, Cos Cob Stonewall and Ashwood Moss.

2. Shower faucet: Kohler Kelston (no tub filler because we'll just have a stand-up shower in here). The finish will be oil rubbed bronze (that's all the finishes in our house as wrought iron was very common in these homes originally so we try to keep the same color idea). I really like the angles of it.

3. Sink faucet: Jado Hatteras (oil rubbed bronze, though it's no longer available in that finish). Normally we wouldn't splurge on a faucet this expensive, but it was gifted to us by American Standard because of all of the problems we had with our sink in our main bathroom. We love the vintage feel and both of us like sink faucets that have water come out of the faucet from higher up. It makes hand and face washing a whole lot easier.

4. Recessed medicine cabinet, sorta like this one. We'll see what HD has in stock when we go get one, but we definitely want a recessed cabinet. This room has very little storage to work with, so a medicine cabinet is a must. And I've always liked the idea of it being recessed.

5. Sink: Porcher Sapho wall mount. We totally splurged on this sink in our main bathroom (it was about $500, I know, I said we splurged). But I LOVE it. And again, we were very lucky that American Standard gifted us the same sink when we had all of our problems with the main bathroom sink (delayed for many months, just a pedestal shipped the first time - ours is wall mounted so a pedestal was unnecessary, sink broken the second shipping, and when it finally arrived the towel bar didn't fit properly). After our problems Style Kitchen and Bath (the showroom where we got it) was super awesome and helped us get in contact with American Standard (they own Porcher and Jado) and the head designer of American Standard contacted us (!!! I know, crazy !!!) and worked with us and was really just so nice and wonderful and very apologetic of the headache. They were so great and nice and went above and beyond. I love American Standard now because they really actually seem to care if their customers are happy and that means a lot to me. Plus, I LOVE this sink.

6. Some sort of glass shelf. This is a recent idea (maybe a week ago), so we haven't settled on which one we'll get. The one on the mood board is a little expensive and I can't stomach paying that much for just a shelf, so we'll see what we settle on. The shelf is a must though because, again, we've got to stick in as much storage as possible.

7. ALL the tile. From left to right: Biltmore Niles mosaic, Ming Green small subway tile and White Beveled Edge Gloss subway tile. Biltmore will be the bathroom floor. I used to want a tile detail in the shower on the wall and that was what was going to be the Ming Green, but now I don't really like that idea, so we'll use this for the shower floor and in the back of niche in the shower for our shampoo, etc. instead. The white beveled subway tile (which I LOVE) will be the wall tile that will go up to 5 ft. all around the room and to the ceiling in the shower area. We tiled FOR MANY HOURS when we tiled the main bathroom and that one just has tile 36" around the room (and to the ceiling in the shower) so we're clearly masochists because tiling, and grouting, this room will take a long time. But it will look soooooo pretty.

8. Toilet. Chris knows exactly what toilet we're getting, but I can never remember. We LOVE our American Standard Cadet toilet in the main bathroom, so we'll be getting another Cadet, but it will need more flushing power than the one in the main bathroom because this one is far in the back corner of the house so it's gotta really get our crap to the sewer good :)

Alright, so that's the plan! What do you think?


Bunny @ 86n It said...

Mood Board - ack! Just joking.
Love the choices!

EMom said...

Love that sink. Any pictures of it in action?

meryl rose said...

Ahhh yes that glorious sink :) There are some good pics of it in our main bathroom Before & After post