I Went for It

Thanks to Sara at Russet St. Reno and Nikki at 86'N It (and their respective husbands of course) I decided to repaint my art room.

I haven't been feeling the paint in my art room for a year+ and have wanted to repaint. But I was too lazy. And scared. I really wanted to paint it a very dark blue, but dark colors intimidate me. Thankfully, while visiting Sara and Nikki on the roadtrip I saw some beautifully painted dark rooms and got the courage and inspiration to finally do it myself.

Here is Sara's art room

(from here)

Isn't that awesome???

And here is Nikki and her awesome family in their dining room


I looooove that plum color. Nikki also has several other rooms painted with darker colors and they all look positively awesome.

So I finally bit the bullet, drove my ass to HD and picked a color from my Ben Moore paint deck while sitting at the paint counter. No laboring over a decision, I was just going to go for it. I picked "Black Horizon" and got all nervous. But I was doing it!

I got home to an empty art room (still with everything in the front room) and started taking all the pictures down from the walls and patching, then priming all the patches. Then, I was ready

I got the paint (that Chris was a little skeptical of), laid down a drop cloth and got to work cutting in

And then the rolling started

And holy crap in my pants the SECOND the color was going on I loved it. It is very dark (Chris kept mentioning it when he'd walk in to see the progress), but this room gets a ton of natural light thanks to two 5x3 windows that are south and west facing. Plus, there really isn't a ton of wall space that isn't taken up by something (2 windows, 3 doors, an archway, a shelving unit that takes up nearly an entire wall), so it's the perfect room to get my feet dark-color-wet. It took me about 5 hours to get 2 coats up (the cut ins took forever because there is a lot of trim to get around), but in the end, it looks amazing!

It was hard to photograph Saturday night when it was done

But Sunday morning with the early light I was able to get a really good representation of the color

The second pic gives the best example of what the color is really like. It's very, very deep blue and I LOOOOOVE it. I've finally started moving things back into the room too, which is exciting, but it currently looks like a disaster zone, so I'll save that for another post for when it actually resembles a room again and not just piles everywhere.

Thanks for giving me the courage to paint this room the color I really wanted Sara and Nikki!


Heather said...

That looks AWESOME. I love the way the trims pops against it.

Deb said...

I LOVE THAT!!!! I'm a huge fan of dark colors :) you'll never be intimidated again - ha!

meryl rose said...

Thanks ladies! And yes, that pop against the trim makes my heart flutter :) and I will definitely never be afraid of dark colors again! :)

Feral Turtle said...

Looks amazing! Nice to have big windows. Can hardly wait to see the final reveal!

em said...

That looks awesome! Way to go for it!

Bunny @ 86n It said...


Wow. Looks amazing.

I just got out the BM fan deck to take a look. Great color!

I get a little crazy with the paint colors sometimes, but I've never been unhappy with my choices. (Marc's not 100% on the orange ceiling, but I AM!)