Leveling the Bathroom Floor

One of the first tasks on the to do list for getting started on the back bathroom is raising the floor to the same level as the bedroom, and then leveling it. I don't have too many pics of when Chris started out the job because I was away at work at the Raiders. But I came home to this

We want the floor in here to be at the same level as the bedroom so that you don't have to make a step down into the bathroom and a step back up into the bedroom while also opening or closing the pocket door. Combine that with the fact that this closed in porch is crazy pitched towards the backyard (towards the right in the above pic) and Chris had to do some serious leveling off

It really wasn't off by too much on the left side (against the wall it'll share with the bedroom), just a couple shims did the trick to even it out

But by the time it got all the way over to the right side (the exterior wall) it was really, really pitched down

Oh, you can't tell from that pic, well let me show you how many inches Chris had to raise it

Pretty ridiculous, right? In order to make the new raised floor strong enough to withstand the weight of the tile, fixtures and human bodies that will be sitting on top of it Chris added a ton of bracing and supports. Attaching them first with PL Premium and then construction grade screws (not drywall screws). Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that step, or the floor before Chris laid down the plywood (I have not been a good picture taker lately), but suffice it to say every joist bay had 2 or 3 pieces of blocking to help strengthen it. In addition, to help hold the floor in a raised position and keep it strong Chris attached 3-4 16" 2x4's parallel to each floor joist again with both PL Premium and then construction grade screws. These steps were necessary both for the weight that will be on the floor and to also make sure the floor doesn't shift  or creak much as that will eventually lead to breaks in the grout lines once we tile.

After that step was complete Chris cut a couple sheets of plywood down to size and laid them on top. He used PL Premium to set the plywood in place, screwed in a couple screws to secure it and then finished it off by nailing everything in place. Oh yeah, and then he built the new wall too

Lookin' snazzy!

We may modify the wall a bit because we've got plans to build a cubby wall in the bathroom because there is zero storage so we've got to figure out the right placement. And I promise I'll start taking more pictures of the work in here, I'm clearly being a lazy bones jones!

Alright. Off to work. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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