Renovation Roadtrip: Russet St. Reno

Quick note: thanks for all of your nice wishes and advice re our floors regarding Wednesday's post! The floors are currently getting redone, and although the workers who came yesterday morning didn't know what needed to be redone (OH MY GOD) after a lashing from me and a call to the company they seemed to have gotten their shit together. At least hopefully. Chris was over there last night (I have retreated to my parent's again) and he said it was looking good. FINGERS CROSSED!

But back to the renovation roadtrip...

After hanging out in Michigan for several days we headed out west for Wisconsin. Along the way we stopped in Chicago for an AWESOME lunch from Xoco (seriously, so tasty). Then we headed up to Milwaukee and cruised around a little bit. We found a really interesting street with lots of great houses that were so picturesque

After seeing the pretty houses we hightailed it back down to Racine to meet Sara, Shaun and Ashford of Russet St. Reno. Two realizations: 1) Sara and Shaun are HILARIOUS and so fun to hang out with, and 2) their baby is fucking adorable (I guess technically that's 3 things). But honestly, the second we walked in they were super awesome and welcomed us in and showed us around. Like any normal person I took Ashford from Sara's arms and wished he was mine because he was such a flirt.

We had a fun time hanging out at their house that night having some super tasty pizza and visiting with them. We talked about their cutie baby, California, how much Chris wants to live in Michigan (seriously, it doesn't stop), their house, the pain and happiness of home renovation and many, many other things.

We woke up in the morning after a great night of sleep. Apparently Ashford had a little cry at about 2:30 in the morning, but Chris and I didn't hear a peep. When I went downstairs after I woke up Shaun assured me that Ashford had a little moment, but I think that was a complete lie, how could this handsome man make so much noise?

Naturally, I stole their baby from them again

Unfortunately though we actually were there to do work and not play with their baby (damnit!) so we collected our tools, lifted a newly purchased storm door over the top of the garage to their roof deck and got to work installing it

As we were working Shaun took a couple shots of me, which I appreciated: I do actually work from time to time :) (hint hint, Chris, please take more pictures :)

Installing the door went really well. Sara and Shaun have a nice roof deck set-up (where Sara grows veggies) but the door out to the deck has been without a storm door for a long time, which has caused the wood door to weather much quicker than it normally should. The night before we went to the hardware store to pick one up that we hoped would fit (their rough opening was a tad short) and surprisingly the install was really without any hiccups (except at the end when the "closer" was getting installed)

I love this pic of Shaun and Chris

I don't know if you can quite tell, but Shaun is pointing at the directions and Chris is re-reading them like 7 times. When they were installing the hydraulic closer thinger the instructions were clearly written by about 4 people originally in 3 different languages so they didn't make a lot of sense, and by the time we got to the final steps of installing the handle the boys were re-reading things 17 times to make sure they were getting it correct

But directions were read properly and in the end the door looked splendid

While we were working on getting the door installed Sara was finishing prepping her awesome, chunky oak shelves

Shaun and Sara had been hesitant to install these shelves in their kitchen (one of the last tasks on the way to calling their kitchen DONE) because to get the brackets installed they needed to drill through their beautiful subway tile

There were some questions about placement...

...but we got it figured out pretty easily. Chris modified the brackets just a little bit by pre-drilling some additional holes

Sara and Shaun had purchased bits specifically for drilling into their tile. The bracket on the left went in easy-peasy, but the one on the right didn't have a stud to go into so Chris had to drill it out a little wider and then install it with a toggle bolt

After the shelves got installed Sara stained plugs to go over the screw holes...

...and then we called the project done! I don't want to show them installed because, well, they look awesome and I know my photos will do no justice to how great they look, so I'll wait for Sara to show them off on her blog :)

After that we completed a few smaller tasks (helping to install some outlet covers that weren't quite fitting over the tile) and then cutting out a nice little rectangle out of the toe kick so they could install their heater vent

Afterwards we called it a day and watched the Packer game :)

We had such a great time in Racine, Sara and Shaun we totally awesome and a lot of fun to hang out with. Chris and I really marveled at how they let things roll off their backs: Shaun steps in cat barf in the morning while he's bringing the baby down and it turns into a hilarious joke. I probably would have thrown my cat out the window, but Shaun and Sara just go with the flow: hey, shit happens, and if you can't laugh about it, that's just going to make you're life hell. They really appreciate and love life and you can tell.

We were definitely sad to leave them, alas a 34 hour drive awaited us on our way to the last stop on our trip :(

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Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Ah! I need to get my full post done, if only you were here to hold the baby again so I could get something done. Thank you again for all your help!

meryl rose said...

I wish we were there now so we could help out with your dryer! :(