The Fence is Done!

First off, THANK YOU for your suggestions on Wednesday's post. I agree, the layout needs to be adjusted, so that is #1 on the list. I'm hoping to work on all of it over the next month or so (still playing catch up with day job stuff since getting back from the trip). But hopefully soon the blog will be pretty and new for you!

Ok, remember the fence we started and wanted to finish before we went on the trip that clearly didn't happen? About 2 months ago it was looking like this

But we still had this small section left before we could call the fence done and then hook up our last rain barrel

Well, this past weekend we got to it!

The old fence was pretty easy to rip down

Because there was an existing fence in place we tied our posts into the side of the garage and the existing fence posts which made things so much quicker (no waiting for concrete to set, hooray!)

But we did hit a hiccup.

The garage kicks WAY OUT at the bottom and figuring out how to set a plumb post was a little bit of an adventure

If we lined it up with the garage at the top, see how crazy off it is at the bottom? And then if we switched things and lined it up with the garage at the bottom...

...how much it sticks out at the top? Crazy town.

Since it's not our garage, we decided the best thing to do was to split the difference, so we attached the post to the garage with some heavy duty hardware (I believe lag bolts, but Chris correct me if I'm wrong). That also didn't come without a minor hiccup when the wood was SOOOOO hard that it went through 3 batteries just to predrill and then drill those babies in. It was pretty crazy. And involved a lot of cussing.

Thankfully though, after that things went pretty smoothly

We ran out of slats so the last section (to the left in that above pic) couldn't be completed. Instead, while I was away at work on Monday (because there is no thing as "national holidays" for self employed folk) Chris motored and put up the last section and I came home to a finished fence, hooray!

And then we lugged, huffed, pushed, and heaved the ridiculously heavy rain barrel into place and while I went off to complete some more work Chris got it hooked up to the gutter and downspout

And then after 5 days of being lazy and not taking any "finished" pics, here's the finished fence and (finally hooked up and not floating in our yard) rain barrel! (secured against the garage in case of earthquake)

(clearly we're working on redoing the veggie garden now too)

I'm super happy with how it looks and even happier to call the project done!

And just in case you'd like a refresher. Here is the fence right when we moved in

And here is it now!

Now that is pretty snazzy. Hooray for finished projects! We can officially check something off our 2012 house goals list!


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I love the look of that fence. So, is that a neighbor's garage?

meryl rose said...

Thanks! Yup, that's the neighbor's garage. We fixed up the side of it that's in our yard and have a gutter and downspout hooked up to collect rain water for our veggies. Been rainy for the last 2 days and should be for another 3 or 4 so we'll see how the rain barrel works out!