The Floors Look Fine, Our House Does Not

I have returned for an update on the floors. We went to LA this weekend again (this time I went with Chris) and Sunday night we stayed at my dad's house after we got back because the fumes were still really bad. Yesterday morning I returned and was able to inspect the flooring situation after round #1 sucked the big one.

The verdict: our floors look fine (there are still nitpicking items, but what are you gonna do?), but the rest of the house? Yup, they still sucked at it.

Let's set the scene. First off, this is what we've been living with for the few days leading up to the renovation roadtrip and now the weekend a half since then

Yup, that sucks. It's a major fucking inconvenience. Our bed is jammed in front of the TV and practically everything else is shoved in the front room. For over a month now we've been living out of a suitcase. And it really sucks to be living out of a suitcase while living in your actual home. Not to mention the fact that I work from home and finding ANYTHING is a 20 minute ordeal.

But let's move on to what they fucked up on this time around.

The kitchen: for some reason they decided to paint our baseboards. We told them not to, but they did anyway. It was a nice sentiment, if they didn't suck at painting: they painted the wrong color on our toe kick and got paint on our cabinets

And they got paint on the floors. It's not a ton of paint on the floors, but I always look for that as a sign of whether its a good paint job and when you can't keep that clean line, well, I always think it looks like shit

And it does.

Oh, and they got more stain on the wall.

In the bathroom there are still some stain footprints, though they did clean most of them off, so they get points for that. But you know what washes that all out? They clogged our fucking toilet. And I didn't find out till after I returned home and went to the bathroom. Let me tell you, that is not a fun discovery. And our toilet is a beast - in the 2+ years we've had it we've never clogged it, so that must have been one royal shit taking for it to have clogged.

Now for the artroom: there's more stain on the baseboards. I'm glad they didn't repaint them in here (not sure why they picked just the kitchen) but I'm thankful because at least after we're done with them they'll look good. There are still some spots they didn't stain adequately (nitpicking) but they also got more stain on the walls (bullshit)

And they broke my wall clock and just didn't tell us (we discovered it sitting face down on the bathroom cabinet). Idiots.

In the hallway they took out that woodchip that they poly'd in, but in the process they totally fucked up the poly and now it's all ripply and spotted. There is also more stain on the trim. I just don't get how they keep doing that.

The bedroom is not a huge deal, but there are nail holes they didn't fill in, despite us pointing it out, so that's kid of annoying.

The office: when you're sitting on the toilet (nice image, right?) and you look down the hall into the office there is a HUGE square of (what looks to be) totally uneven poly. It's weird. Almost 1/2 the room has a totally different sheen when the light hits it. When you walk in there and look at it, you can't tell, but sitting on that damn (now unclogged thank you plumber Meryl) toilet and being able to see this huge uneven mark on your floors (it's about 10 ft x 5 ft) is just a little frustrating.

They did some cleaning this time (because we reamed them for how filthy they left the house last time) but they still left masking up in some places so we had to take it all down and then clean up after because it got dust everywhere.

Lastly, and this is the hilarious one: our deck is totally fucked.

We made them enter on the side of the house this time because they dropped poly on our (already finished by Chris and I) floors in the foyer. And they proceed to get stain ALL OVER our Trex deck. They're a bunch of FUCKING IDIOTS because they tried to wipe it clean, and if they understood the definition of the product they spilled and dropped everywhere (STAIN) they would know that it wouldn't wipe clean because, say it together, it STAINS.

Oh, and every one of our light switches still have stain on them.

So that is chapter 2. Now, I'm calling them today (after I go to HD and get a refresher on how much a length of Trex costs so I know how much it will cost to replace the 16 of 29 boards they ruined) and then they're going to get a nasty call from me. If they hadn't fucked up so bad the first time, inconvenienced us horrendously for 10 days and then ruined our deck, got paint on our floors, walls and trim and just generally completely frustrated us I would have no problem paying them the full $2,250. But that's clearly not going to happen. I shall fill you in on that wonderful phone call when it is concluded.

Now, time to go vote.


Kathi said...

Reading this entry made my blood boil on your behalf - if I'm this stressed just reading about your experience, I can't imagine how you and Chris feel!

We had similar (but not as bad) issues with the contractor who renovated our 2 bathrooms last summer...I so feel your pain. Here's hoping you get it all taken care of. My opinion is that you shouldn't pay them a dime...have someone else come in and do it right (or fix it yourselves) instead. Let them try to sue you for it - they'll lose!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

Stain stains?? NO WAY!

Heather said...

Ugh, I'm sick for you. What a nightmare!

Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

I do hope you eventually share the name of this company so others will know to avoid them. Even if they make it "good" eventually, it would be nice to be able to avoid them all together.

meryl rose said...

Thanks everyone! And OH YES I will share the name (and review them on every site I can find), I'm just waiting for the conclusion. They're coming at 5 today so we shall see...

Deb said...

Meryl that f*cking sucks. You would think that after the complete screw up they did the first time that this time would have been perfect - I am glad you have pictures of all of this and documentation. If it were me - I don't know what I would be willing to pay them anything at this point. I am so sorry :(

meryl rose said...

Thanks Deb :( That's actually where I'm leaning too. I went to HD to price out the Trex and they don't make ours anymore so if we wanted to "fix it" we'd have to replace EVERYTHING. And that alone is $650, not including our labor. Oy vey,

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Oh my god, why do some contractors suck so hard??! I hate reading shit like this. Give them hell!

stpaulhaus said...

Omg! This is just awful! Just awful! I'm pissed for you guys. Hope you were able to work something out with them. I just can't believe what they did to that deck. Cringe.

meryl rose said...

The deck is quite amazing actually. Every time I walk outside on it I let out a big huge sigh. Ugh.