2012: A Year in Photos

Here is our obligatory 2012 in photos summary. I'm glad I'm writing this post before I write the post about how many of our 2012 goals we actually completed because that list looks pathetic and this post will make me feel like we at least accomplished something this year. Without further ado...

January - we mostly worked for other people

For my dad and Wendy we built and installed a second built in cabinet. And for Chris' mom and grandma we traveled down to LA...

Where we installed a new cabinet and toilet and fixed the tile in his grandma's bathroom. And...

Worked on refinishing his mom's front door.

February - we spent the majority of the month refinishing the hardwood floors in the front room

It was quite the adventure. There were lots of existing stains on the floors, so the first round did not go well, and we tried several things in an attempt to fix them and, hooray, it worked, and in the end, they looked positively wonderful.

March - we moved on to start working on the TV room even though the front room wasn't close to being done (a recurring theme of ours). But my oh my was that plaster ceiling detail a beautiful discovery

April - we had soooo much fun refinishing the front room, we spent much of April refinishing the TV room floors. This time it went much more according to plan, and they looked beautiful

May - we spent most of our time building our built in entertainment unit/hutch thingy. It took a lot of work, like this, and this, and this, and this

But by the end of the month we were getting close to completing it!

June - we FINISHED the cabinet! And it looked beautiful! (and we snagged a free wall-mount TV from my step dad)

And we started work on completely redoing our front yard

That dead grass is not appealing?

July - we were crazy busy working on the front yard: like digging a bunch of trenches and installing proper drainage, prepping everything to get planted, and then conning my dad, step mom, and two of our friends into helping plant everything. But in the end, it was so beautiful

August - we revealed that we'd be going on the renovation roadtrip! And we also did the big ol' front yard before and after once we completed a couple last minute touches

September - In a mad dash to complete a ton of projects before we left for the trip, we refinished the side of our neighbor's garage (while I was in a cast, very responsible), we decided to have our floors refinished professionally while we would be away on the roadtrip which gave us a to do list 40 items long to complete in 6 weeks, oh, and we built a fence

October - we went on the renovation roadtrip!!!

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(and our adventures with Just a Girl with a Hammer here)

November - our "professional" flooring refinishers did a super shitty job (which you can read all the fun here and here because we made them do it twice). And in the end we didn't pay them a dime because they continued to ruin things every time they stepped foot in our house. Then we revealed that Chris knocked me up and Cashew is (scheduled) to make her arrival at the end of May!

And we FINALLY started work in the back bathroom. Only 2 years after it had all been demo'd...

December - we've been motoring on the back bathroom the last month and I've been super excited about all of our progress. Walls can be very exciting you know

Whew! 2012 was a busy, busy year. It's crazy though because when Chris and I went over our 2012 goal list on Christmas we were flabbergasted that we only got about half of it accomplished. Boo. This post makes me feel better about ourselves though.

Oh, and tomorrow I'll show you guys the bathroom painted! We made good progress this weekend! The lights are even in too :) Hooray!


Heather said...

Stop making the rest of us look so lazy! You've had an incredible year.

Gene Anderson said...

I rode past the other day, and the exterior looks great!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

You are just like me. Got a ton done, but still not happy! ha!
Honestly though. GREAT Job.

meryl rose said...

Cashew is definitely going to stall our productivity :)

So glad you still like it in person Gene :)

Nikki, of course we will never be satisfied, there are always more walls to be painted, more floors to be refinished, more lights to be switched out, more insulation to add.... :)

Angie said...

So when get a chance, can the three of you help me with my plumbing issue? Yes Cashew must help too :) we can't have her just laying around cause she's in you.

meryl rose said...

Of COURSE Cashew will help! :)