Mud, Tape, Texture: It's Easy in 40 Sq. Ft.

This part of bathroom remodels always goes fast. It's a little tease because then tiling takes FOREVER. Especially when you decide to tile 5 ft. up the wall with beveled subway tile. I know I'll be kicking myself about that selection when it comes to the hours and hours and hours that Chris and I will spend tiling, but for the moment I will enjoy our wonderful progress.

Last week we finished the last of the drywall

(clearly I'm a total creeper)

Once all the drywall was done it was my turn: mud and tape. I've gotten pretty good at the task over the course of, ohhh, 7 rooms. And on Saturday I started the 8th

The first go round throughout the room is always light. A light layer over all the screw holes, tape over drywall joints and corner pieces where the wall meets the ceiling (you can also use tape here, but we like corner pieces for a smoother transition)

In the above pic the joint between the two pieces of drywall in the ceiling isn't great, but again, because this is only the first go round, nothing has to actually look very good. It's important to just get that light layer into all the cracks and with each successive layer you'll feather things out to make them look better and smoother.

While I was working on the mud and tape Chris was installing a heater vent in the room

I used quick set joint compound, so instead of it needing about 3 days to dry in the thicker corners, it was ready the next day for my second coat. Normally I wouldn't feather out this much on the second go round, but the first one was really pretty smooth and there weren't many trouble spots so it made the job of making sure all the walls were smooth and even a lot easier

The ceiling was really the only part that needed a third coat, everything else was ready for Chris and his expert texture

Chris usually puts it on in 3 light coats, making sure to get an even amount of coverage over the entire space. Between each layer he comes through with the drywall knife and knocks down the really thick parts a bit, but other than that he's mastered it so much it's a fairly quick and easy process for him now.

Wednesday he finished the last layer of texture and I've got 3 paint samples ready to go, so hopefully this weekend we'll get it painted! It's always so much easier making progress in a room that's only 40 sq. ft.


Bunny @ 86n It said...

This makes me want to cry for 2 reasons:
1 - It's such a hard job and you make it look & sound easy.

2 - we aren't anywhere close to drywalling/mudding our bathroom. ;(

meryl rose said...

I am of course only 19 weeks pregnant, where as you missy are about to have a baby in like a week! I have been amazed at all you have been getting done lately, so pish posh bathroom progress will come soon :)