Now that the Rain is Here

The rainy season has officially started. The nice thing about the rain is that we're able to see how well all of our drainage in the front yard is holding up. If you remember, we installed some serious french drains in our front yard and hooked up our downspouts to the drains as well. We had standing water against our house and our downspouts were either dumping water right on our porch, or letting it sit right in the corner of the house. Here's a little jog to refresh your memory

There was a lot of rain on Friday-Sunday, and I took the opportunity to pop out to the front yard on Friday afternoon between rain showers to check on how things were holding up. I was hoping for no standing water against the house, and hooray, there was not one teeny tiny itsy bitsy bit

And the good news kept coming: the french drain drains out underneath the walkway and Chris and I were aware that maybe from time to time with a ton of water it might be a little swampy, but that was part of the appeal of the rock walkway - but so far: no water at all either

And another piece of good news: because the yard is a teeny bit higher than the sidewalk we were afraid that with lots of rain the mulch might flow down onto the sidewalk: but no mulch on the sidewalk at all. Hooray!

There is a small piece of bad news, but it's not a huge deal: the sidewalk strip has some puddles

It's not that big of a deal and there is no damage, it's just slightly annoying

You wanna see a ginormous earthworm I saw while snooping around?

I bet Franca would love that little guy :)

After lots of rain on Saturday and Sunday our sidewalk strip looks a little worse for the wear this morning

But again, not a huge deal.

One bad thing about our backyard however is there is a decent amount of standing water on the patio, womp womp :( We knew this already around this time last year, but last year wasn't terribly, horribly wet so it wasn't that big of a deal. But 1 year later and the standing water is getting more annoying. I try not to mention it, but I know Chris can't even look at it without getting annoyed :(

And just like I tried to convince myself last year, it's not that bad - considering we'd NEVER installed a patio before and over 900+ sq. ft. we've got one low spot, that's really actually very successful. The downer is that it's right in front of the garage and the water seeps in

And then it weaves its way under our work bench...

...and under our tools (that are thankfully all protected by cases)

I know at some point we will redo this little strip of patio and try to make it more even with the rest of it because Chris groans and rolls his eyes and growls whenever he goes out there and sweeps away the water (we have 2 heavy duty brooms and it takes about 5 minutes to sweep it away off the patio). I have to admit, it is kind of annoying, especially because we spent so many painstaking ours trying to make everything perfectly level.

A more troublesome area of standing water are the puddles under the house

During really bad consistent rain there are a couple of inches of standing water which is really not a good thing. We tackled the standing water towards the front underneath the house and that seems to have mostly subsided, which is really great, but clearly we need to tackle this area. Alas, that will have to wait till next Spring/Summer when the weather will be clear with no rain in sight. Maybe then we'll finally get to the earthquake retrofit that's been on our list for several years as well. It would really suck to renovate only to have the house topple over in an earthquake...


Heather said...

Blerg, water issues are the worst. I feel for you!

aptpupil said...

it's no coincidence that the low spot is near the entrance to the garage. there were a couple weeks between getting the sand down in between the pavers, and us finishing that part of the patio. as a result that part got worn down a bit and developed a low spot.
very annoying.

Bunny @ 86n It said...

It never ends right?

And the first thing I thought when I saw that worm, was, oh GOOD ONE! Before I even saw the Franca caption!

Where our landscape wall drain dumps into the alley washes the mulch out all the time. Super annoying, but better than that water in our basement I guess?