Pocket Door Progress

You used to enter the back bathroom from the laundry room: ridiculous. If you ask me, for a two bedroom house this is just about the dumbest layout idea - entering the only other bathroom in the house by going all the way into the back, into one of the least used rooms (until Cashew comes and then I assume we'll be doing laundry every 7 hours). So part of the upgrade was making the entrance from our bedroom and making it an en suite. In order to do this we had to make the door a pocket door because there was very tight clearance in both the bedroom (because of the bed) and the bathroom (because it's so little). 

We already had the general door opening busted out on the to do list when we were prepping to get the floors refinished

But in order to get the pocket door installed the opening needed to be busted out to double the size. We didn't worry about this double size when the floors were getting redone because the other part that needs to get busted out will eventually not be visible because it accommodates the casing, track and hardware that makes the pocket door slide open and shut so no need to make sure the wood was refinished in the same stain.

Plastic was set up in order to protect the bedroom (as much as possible) from all the dust and debris caused by this project and other ones in the future until the pocket door is actually installed

And then the rest of the opening was busted out

I don't actually have any photos or tidbits of information as to how the frame got installed because when I left for work at the Raiders it looked like this...

...with Chris trying to figure out how everything would line up and get attached.

To this...

...installed and beautiful.

Of course, that's the easier part. Getting the pocket door refinished has proven to be a lot of work.

We could have bought some generic pocket door at a big box store, but we wanted to go with something a little more period, so we got one at the salvage yard. It has glass at the top (which is exactly like the original bathroom door at my mom and CBH's house which was built around the same time) which we will frost so no one can peek in while you're doing your business. And it's also got 3 recessed panels. So it's got some cool detail. Of course, there is the old spot for the door knob and lock that have to be covered and refinished so they look like nothing was there and the bottom is totally fucked (that's a technical term)

No that's not an optical illusion. It completely curves to the left at the far end. 

On top of all the general sanding and bondo required of a general refinish job, this door is definitely a challenge. But Chris is masterful

In order to make the lock and door knob look like they were never there Chris cut that spot out of the door and replaced it with a piece of poplar (I believe). Then used some bondo and sanded sanded sanded. It's a method known as a dutchman and it looks pretty damn good

In order to deal with the wacky bottom Chris decided it was probably best to actually cut off the bottom of the door and replace it with a new piece of wood. So off it went

Next up is attaching the new piece on the bottom

The method to attach it was much debated (biscuit, dowels, screws) but eventually Chris settled on attaching it with both biscuits and screws from the bottom to just make sure that it's on there really good.

Once it's attached we'll leave it for a little while to really cure, then go it like crazy with bondo and sanding to make it as seamless as possible. After than, we'll give the entire door a really good sanding to make it all as smooth as possible and then paint it with oil based paint to better last through wear and tear. Of course we also still have to frost the window, attach the new hardware (to make the door be able to lock) and then hang it in place and cover the rest of the opening in drywall and wonderboard. So clearly you can see why this post was titled "Pocket Door Progress."

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Heather said...

My hat is off to you for using older materials. Retrofitting them is a BITCH.

meryl rose said...

The sentiment always makes me feel good, but god damn it is a lot of work