Twinkle Twinkle Picardy Drive

Before I get to the pretty pictures of twinkly lights, we found out yesterday if Cashew was a boy or girl :) We'll reveal the gender on this here bloggola on Friday, but you can vote at right ----------------------------------------------------->
(And no revealing if you already know the answer friends and family who we spilled the beans to already!)

Alright, now on to twinkly lights.

Every year since the Depression our street has lit up for the holidays (great article here, and our house is the foreclosure they mentioned before we snagged it). Nearly every house on the street is lit up by the week of Christmas. This past Saturday was our neighborhood "Tree Lighting Ceremony," a day when many houses on the street put up their lights and we have a shin dig on the island in front of our house and flip the switch on the big tree that the city comes and strings up. It's pretty awesome. We were a little late to the party because we celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday that afternoon

But we made the party after with Chris' 11 year old cousin in tow and saw the tree lit in all it's glory, enjoyed some snacks and visited with our wonderful neighbors. And last night after a dinner full of fried food we thought it would be nice to walk around the street and enjoy all the twinkle

And then there's our house

We have yet to really go all out. Every year I swear I'll do it the next year, and that hasn't happened yet. I'm hoping to actually go all out next year because the Cashew will be here and it will be a wonderful tradition to start. In 8 Christmas' together Chris and I have never gotten a tree, so we resolved next year will be the first time for that as well. Cashew will make us very festive :)

If you live in or around Oakland I really suggest coming to visit the street. About 2/3's of the houses are lit up now, but within the next week it usually fills up to nearly every house. It's very pretty to see. And I always feel special seeing all the people drive down our street admiring :)

And don't forget to vote if Cashew is a boy or girl! 


Bunny @ 86n It said...

I'm feeling BOY!

We haven't done any exterior lights this year. I'm feeling really lame about it.

meryl rose said...

Believe me, with our street, I feel very lame with our one strand. But hey, we're renovating and you've got a baby in your belly and another one running around the house. I feel like that's a good reason :)

Leah said...

You make me feel better about my lazy Christmas decorating. I just got married last year, and my husband and I always go home for the holidays (this is our first Christmas together, but still at my parents' house). We sometimes pull out a fake mini-tree, but we've never done the big tree thing. Maybe we finally will when we have kids!