You'll Find this Hilarious

Meryl no like-y the paint color. Yup, that's right, not even kidding.

First up though, I primed the walls

And then while Chris worked on the floor patch I worked on painting the color on the wall

I really liked the color when it was going on

But as it dried...not so much. When I finished painting I rushed to help Chris finish the floors, then we headed out to a friend's house for dinner and so when we got home the paint was totally dry and we got a good idea of what the color really looked like. I couldn't quite put my finger on it and kept trying to figure out the right words for it, but Chris hit the nail on the head when he said "Neon, it's too neon."

Yesterday morning I tried to take pictures of it but I couldn't quite get the color right on camera

The color doesn't look like this in real life, the camera sort of calms it down because in person it is bright. It just doesn't go with the feel of the house. We've got more dirty colors. Some of the colors in the house are bright (like our kitchen) but there are still brownish undertones to them.

The biggest thing to me is that I really don't like the color with the kitchen color, it looks a bit like an Easter egg hunt to me

Chris didn't find the color as objectionable as I did, but he also didn't like it too much. I think he was just annoyed about the prospect of having to repaint. I told him I would do it all so he didn't have to deal with the headache.

Chris liked the original color and if we picked another color he wanted it to be darker. I told him that if I went to HD by myself and picked a color similar to the original, would he be okay if I started painting before he saw the color selection, which he said was fine.

So off to HD I went with paint swatches in hand to compare. The grays are the two front room colors and that blue is the TV room wall color we don't like and you can see how much more electric it looks (I didn't have Outback - our kitchen color - on hand so I picked up a swatch at HD)

I spend way too long at HD. I wandered between all the paint swatches holding them up to our front room and kitchen colors getting myself all freaked out. I narrowed it down to two colors after much internal debate

But finally settled on one

And do you want to know what the color is? Can you guess? I bet you can...

It's Rhino. That bottom left color that I'd originally wanted for the room and second guessed myself into changing my mind. Yes, that's right, I'm completely insane when it comes to paint colors and decision making.

So I brought home 2 gallons, cleaned up all the painting supplies, boxed the new paint, and got started repainting

It was going on REALLY gray and I got a little freaked out. I mean, I love gray but I was kicking myself for not picking a color and I was nervous Chris was going to hate it (because I went and picked the color and started repainting all while he was at work)

But when it was done and he came home, we both really liked it

Actually, Chris walked in, smiled, and asked me if I liked it :) I said yes, then he said he liked it too. I got a keeper in that one :) I told him to guess what color it was and he looked at me like I was a crazy person: hello, how can I guess a random paint color? Then when I told him it was Rhino he started laughing and gave me a kiss. Told you: keeper :)

Now that it's dried I love it even more

It still needs a second coat because this is only one, but the color is really rich and beautiful, at least I think so :) And it looks great with the kitchen color, no more Easter egg!

And I promise in person it looks a lot more green-y blue and not just GRAY. Here is is with the front room color

I think it's looking snazzy :) I can't wait to make the blue tones in it pop out more with the rug we pick, the fabric we choose to recover the couch and other fun accessories.

So, do you think I'm completely crazy?


Patching Our Hardwoods

There are two heating vents in the floor in the TV Room that need to be patched. Here's the room right before we moved in

You can see the first one directly across the room, and then the second one is on the far left in the corner (you can only see the corner of it).

Neither are in service and the one on the left is normally covered by our couch. But it is a bit higher than the hardwoods so the couch can sometimes rock or shift. Once we're done with painting the room the next step is refinishing the floors, so we had to get to patching.

First up, the grate was removed

Why hello under the house

In order to patch the floor we had to rip out a bit of the existing boards at varying lengths in order to make it look like all the floors were installed at the same time, instead of like this horrible patch some idiot did in our hallway at some point

So we made marks on the floor for where the hardwoods would be cut out to

And after Chris built some subfloor support and added in a new subfloor...

...he used the flat prybar to pull up the boards

In order to get a clean edge on the wood when he ripped it out he used his Fein MultiMaster to cut into the wood

While of course being very careful not to cut into the wood on the left and right

And with a clean cut edge, this made prying up the boards a lot easier and with less cracking and splitting

We made sure to save the hardwood to reuse when we did the patch (while also using our leftover white oak that we purchased to match the existing floors when we installed hardwoods in the kitchen)

Next, Chris used Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty to level out the subfloor patch he made with the existing subfloor and to fill in any cracks

Once it dried Chris laid down red rosin paper which provides a separation between the subfloor and hardwoods so they are able to expand and contract separately

After that, it was just a matter of measuring things out and nailing them in place

Chris worked on the border first so that when he laid the perpendicular line of wood it would have a uniform flat edge to butt up against

Once the border was done, he moved on to the rest of the wood

He made sure to mix up the old hardwoods and our new hardwoods a little bit and used as much of the old ones as possible. Once I was done with some other projects I helped Chris by measuring out the boards and going outside to cut them while he laid them in place and got them nailed down.

The whole project from soup to nuts took Chris about 6 hours by himself. I was able to come in the last 30 minutes or so, but I was away at a crew lunch for the A's (it's almost baseball season!) for some of it and then working on other stuff. It probably would have taken about 1/2 that time if we worked together, but I don't think it took too long with Chris working solo, and it turned out great!

I can't wait to see how things look when it all gets sanded down and stained so it looks a lot more uniform.


After Weeks, There is Finally Light Again

Ever since we took down the light in the TV Room things have been pretty dark. For example, picture 1: no lights

Picture 2: lights on in the front room

Picture 3: lights on in the front room AND kitchen

Obviously we are in dire need of getting lights back into this room. And in order to get that done we needed to prime and paint the ceiling. So that's just what we did.

First we knocked down any of the texture that was a bit too thick in places

And while Chris worked on that I started the dreaded task of priming the awesome plaster detail. Getting a paintbrush into all those wonderful nooks and crannies ached my neck and back, but it started to make it all look gorgeous again, so it was well worth it

And then while Chris moved on to applying the texture to the walls...

...I went out to the garage to get the roller extension and started priming the rest of the ceiling

And I proceeded to get paint all over my face. Seriously, every time I paint ceilings my face becomes a polka dot painting. Chris does it: not a drop anywhere. I do it: I'm a fucking Georges Seurat painting.

Once the primer was done and Chris was done with the first coat of wall texture (hooray!) he started applying the flat ceiling coat on the plaster moulding...

...and I continued with the roller

Chris completed about 1/2 of the plaster ceiling coat painting and moved on to working on some other projects so I finished the plaster detail. Because I tell Chris every year that his New Year's Resolution is to take more pictures of me working (seriously, for every 50 pictures of him, there's maybe 1 of me so I'm sure no one thinks I ever do anything on this house damnit), this is the look I give him after I say "You could take a picture of me painting the plaster?" and he rolls his eyes at me

And then he takes a picture up my nose

If that's not love, I don't know what is :) But he did take a regular picture too :)

Once we were done with all the painting, it was time to wire in the recessed lights

And after a minor wiring snafu that involved Chris crawling up into the attic to rewire something quickly, we had light!

And then last night when Chris got home from work, the center light went in, hooray!

And you may notice that the center, front light bulb isn't there - when we were screwing all the bulbs in, that was one dead. I debated unscrewing one from the front room light and putting on this one for the sake of a complete picture, but then I was just too lazy and figured it didn't really matter.

A far cry from the dingy, gross, popcorn ceiling just a couple weeks before

Now that's a ceiling worth looking at :)