2012 House Goals: Ummm 1/2 the List is Checked

There are 27 available check marks on our 2012 house goals list. We completed 14, which is I guess, ONE more than 1/2, haha!

Now, it wasn't necessarily a productive year going by the list, but I still feel like we got a ton done. Damn that list though!

1. First up, the front room

We actually got a really large portion of this room done. We refinished the hardwood floors and tiled the fireplace. The floors we know were a big undertaking and that fireplace was an adventure too (and it looks beautiful). However, due to my supreme grouting skills I scratched the tile, so to FINALLY call this room done there are still 2 (though now 3) items that need to be completed that we just ignored a little: buff out the scratches in the fireplace tile, finally finish the table we've been meaning to build for a year and complete the finishing touches, which is to fix a small picture frame and figure out some storage for our free weights. We were going to build that storage, but well, a baby will be arriving in several months and we'd like to check some items off the list.

The result: 4 items on this room's to do list, 2 checked off

2. Back fence

Welp, this one is fully checked off, hooray! One line to check and we checked that sucker off.

3. FINISH Laundry room

Ummm, we didn't do anything here. We still have to level and install the new floor, re-drywall in certain areas, texture, paint, build some cabinets, install a counter on top of the washer and dryer and some other finishing touches. I would like to mention that this room and the kitchen were the very first rooms we worked on when we first moved in (we wanted a working washer and dryer in here). So 4 years later we're still basically in the same spot. Nope, not distracted at all.

The result: Uh. 3 items to check off. None checked...

4. FINISH Back Bathroom

I would like to give ourselves a pat on the back for actually, finally starting to work on this room. Only 2 years after we demo'd it. But so far we've been puttering along pretty well. Of course that means we will mostly likely hit some crazy snag down the line (now look, I'm jinxing us), but for the time being, I'm really enjoying the progress.

The result: 2 of 4 items checked off (fix structure and rough-ins done, now just allllll the tiling and allllll the finishing touches to go)

5. Earthquake retrofit

This is the second year this item has made the list and the second year we have done nothing about it. Clearly next year we should finally get this done. Especially considering, as I've mentioned several times, it would really suck donkey balls to do all this work only to have our house topple over in an earthquake.

6. Front yard

HOORAY! All 4 items on this list are DONE. The one project set for this year that we actually, fully, amazingly completed. Three cheers for staying on task! :)

7. TV Room Redo

We motored through this room in the beginning and were really excited when our floors turned out pretty, we uncovered original plaster molding under the popcorn ceiling and built our entertainment unit/ hutch thingy. But like with many projects we stalled at the end. We only have TWO things to do in here: install a tiny bit of baseboard behind the couch and build some picture frames for our movie posters.

The result: 3 items on the list, 2 checked off

8. Hallway

This room was sort of on our wishlist, so it's actually a little bit of a treat that we got some of it done (thanks to prepping to get our floors refinished). We don't have any items checked off of the 3 item list, but we did rip down the massive hulking corner cabinet and get on the way to fixing the center one, so that's progress I guess.

9. Projects for parental units

For my mom and CBH we had 3 items on the list: finishing their front stoop

Which we got to check off, yay!

The second was re-roofing their garage (which was also on the list in 2011...) that we didn't get to. And lastly, fix their garage door, which we also completed, yay! And, we fixed the garage door and their stoop on the same day. Two items checked off in one day: brilliance.

For my dad and Wendy we only had one item - building their TV nook cabinet - and we were able to get it done in January of 2012, so high five to us for getting something done early in the year

All in all despite our just slightly over 1/2 completed 2012 to do list, I still feel like it was a very productive year. Of course, on Christmas while being lazy and watching movies we wrote down our list of 2013 goals (besides having a baby). I'll share the list on Friday, but tomorrow I'll fill you in on a bunch of little bathroom items we've completed, changed, or wondered why the hell they cost so much. Seriously, over $600 for tile trim? No thank you.

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