2013 House Goals: We're Getting Shit Done

Alright, here it is, the belated 2013 House Goals. It's officially a week into January, but it's never too late to state some goals. This year's official theme is FINISHING things and having a baby. One thing we tend to not do because we get excited too move on, and the other we've never done before. So it should be exciting, fulfilling, and exhausting :)

Here's the list (click to make bigger)

The first 5 items are goals to finish BEFORE Cashew comes, with the exception of the laundry room (I'll get to that further down in the post). Everything else is "extra" to see how much we actually get to.

Absolutely #1 on the list is to FINISH THE BATHROOM (and just a note, there will be lots of all caps and lots of "finish" in this post). We're doing really well on the bathroom actually. I thought we'd be finishing it off right when the baby was set to come. While that might still happen, I'm think it'll be just the final finishing touches (because we never get around to them) instead of still tiling the walls in early May just weeks before Cashew makes her arrival. And want to know what we did this weekend? We grouted the floor, hooray!

There is still a TON of tiling to go (the shower floor and allllll the walls), but it feels really nice to have one of the tiling tasks completed. We've already spent 10 hours tiling, and I'm sure that total will be close to 100 by the time we're done because holy crap it's not going to go quickly tiling 5ft up on the wall and up to the ceiling in the shower area. But I just keep telling myself how pretty it'll look in the end...

2nd on the list is that laundry room

There are many tasks to get done to call the laundry room done, but only one really needs to get done before Cashew comes, and that's leveling the floor (it's pitched towards the backyard) and installing the new laminate floor (that we've had for, wait for it...3 years sitting in the packaging). Leveling and installing the floor will require the washer and dryer to be out of commission momentarily, and we do not want that happening when Cashew is here and we'll be washing all of her barf covered clothing.

Everything else on the list is planned to be completed after Cashew. And that list isn't small: fixing/installing drywall, retexturing, painting, designing and building storage cabinets, installing a counter on top of the washer and dryer and then all the little finishing touches. Phew. It'll be nice to finally have this room done 4 years after starting it.

#3 on the list is addressing some pertinent drainage issues. There is a little bit of a swamp in the corner underneath the house after really hard and consistent rains

The plan will be to dig this area out a bit, install a sump pump and then dig a trench and french drain for it all to disipate in in the backyard. I won't really be able to participate in this project too much because by the time we get to it in March, April or May (whenever the rain decides to stop, and we'd be really excited if it stopped early) I will be largely pregnant and I'm guessing crawling under the house with a shovel will not be terribly easy. We'll instead enlist the help of as many friends and family members as possible to try to get the task complete (hear that parental units? :).

The second drainage item is addressing the water seeping into the garage when it rains hard

We've already got a plan of attack: there's a low spot in the patio right in front of the entrance to the garage so we'll dig out an approximately 4x4 section of pavers, raise the base a little, pour regular sand underneath (it drains better) and reinstall the dug up pavers. Then, at the very front of the garage we'll break up a strip of concrete and dig a small trench and then repour a new, more penetrable mix of concrete so the (hopefully) little bit of water that still finds its way into the garage drains before it it travels further in.

#4 on the list? The earthquake retrofit. This job will also not be fun, and also not very pregnant Meryl friendly as it will involve crawling under the house, installing plywood sheathing, and a whooooooole bunch of simpson hardware to really brace our house adequately in the event of an earthquake. I can help get things prepped "above ground," like cutting things down, etc., but crawling under the house with a big ol' belly will probably not be happening.

The last pre-Cashew item on the list is to FINISH. SOME. ROOMS. And there are 4 on the list. I'm not sure how many of these will actually get done, but hey, it's a goal.

The first room: the front room

The list is small: buffing out the tile, figuring out weight storage and building our sports ticket table. Buffing out the tile and figuring out the weight storage should be entirely possible, but building that table might be a post-Cashew project. We shall see.

The second room to finish: the TV room

There is SO LITTLE to get done (installing one small piece of baseboard and building our picture frames) that we really should be able to get this done before Cashew comes. My guess is that the two projects will take us about 3 or 4 days, so I hope we can find a little time to carve out to get this room DONE.

The third room is my art room/office. Which is currently a bit of a disaster because it's filled with a bunch of Cashew's things

The items to complete in here are small (trimming the top of my wall shelf, building new legs for my work table and hanging art on the wall across from my desk), so these should be no problem to get done pre-Cashew.

The last room to get done? Cashew's

I guess I've started the nesting stage because I'm all excited for the projects I want to do in here. And even though this room is #4 on the rooms that need to get DONE list, it's the most important. The biggest things are the crib and the chair. We were beyond lucky to have the crib gifted to us by Chris' mom, so we're just waiting for it to arrive and then we'll put it together (I'm so excited to get it, bah!) and we've got several emails and phone calls out about the chair getting recovered, so hopefully that item gets completed soon too. After that it's the fun art projects and filling it with necessary baby items.

The next 2 rooms are on the list as "extra," as in, we'll see whenever the hell we get to it. There's the hallway

And our bedroom

The hallway needs: figuring out what to do in the corner where the old huge cabinet used to be (whether we'll leave it open or build something small), design and build a shelving system for the center closet and figuring out what kind of door(s) it'll have (currently a debate between Chris and I), and then you know, paint and finish it off.

The bedroom needs more work: fixing and installing drywall, installing proper baseboards and crown (the trim in here does not match the rest of the house), retexture, paint, build a bed, design and build the closet system, and other fun finishing touches. Really just the bed is what we want to get done because having the mattress on the floor isn't the most fun. Everything else will probably get completed further down the line.

Each year we also work on projects for other people, so we've got those items on the list as well. There are only 3 items, but we still want to make sure we get them done: reroofing my step dad's garage (it's only been 2 years in the making), fixing the structure of his garage (the house sits next to a creek and the creek runs underneath the garage and with all the rain we've been getting the rushing water from the creek has damaged or moved the garage supports) and building a display case for our friends (don't think we forgot Jenny!). All 3 items will have to wait for less rain (no roofing, creek spelunking or paint spraying in the rain).

Oh, and the last item on our 2013 Goal List?

Having a baby :)

So there you have it. All of our 2013 goals. While I don't think we'll get everything done, I'm also hoping we get a lot more than 1/2 of it done like last year's list. Hooray for 2013!


Heather said...

Oh, you'll be getting shit done for a change? You two are the marines of home improvement.

meryl rose said...

Marines of home improvement??? I LIKE IT :) We will start boot camp for the Cashew very early ;)

em said...

Nice car seat box, MOM! I like your list and think you guys can get it done. You have a very big motivation!

meryl rose said...

We took your advice and got a convertible one! (well, I should say my brother and his wife got it for us, hooray Christmas :)