Aren't Orange Showers Gorgeous?

After Chris finished the magnificent mud job, it was time to waterproof the shower

If only it was that easy...

Kerdi is installed before you tile to help properly waterproof the shower. We went through this same process in the main bathroom, so this was round 2.

The kerdi was installed on the shower floor, on the top of the curb and up the walls. We didn't install it much past the height of the shower head because that area won't really get wet.

While I was working on other projects Chris got to the kerdi. He laid down thinset

After the thinset was down he spread out each sheet of kerdi on the shower pan. He made sure to run it up the wall a little bit and over the top of the curb. To make sure that there were no bubbles or ripples he used a drywall knife and lightly dragged it across the kerdi

Once the shower pan was done it stayed like that for a couple of days - Chris needed to make sure everything cured before he stepped inside to do the walls. Then this past weekend Chris got back to it and started on the walls using the same method - thinset spread out, kerdi put up, drywall knife used to smooth everything

(please excuse the ladder in the way, I was painting trim)

The progress unfortunately stopped here on Sunday because we ran out of kerdi, doh! We thought we had enough leftover from when we worked on the main bathroom, but we were short. Luckily a local tile place had a package of kerdi that had already been opened so they let us buy it by the foot. We needed 4 feet and their leftover roll was 47", pretty fucking sweet. So yesterday Chris finished up the job

One last small piece got put around the shower head...

And then ta da!

Pretty awesome right? Wouldn't you want to shower in that orange dream? No? Well, me neither. But you know what this does mean? We're ready to tile in the shower which means at some point in the (probably really distant future) we'll have some gorgeous tiled floor and walls and a splendid shower to clean ourselves in. Ahhhh, if only that day could come sooner. Not looking forward to the hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of tiling that are ahead of us. Just trying to think of how beautiful it'll be when it's done...


Deb said...

When you are done, I need an entire bathroom built from, scratch. free Room, board and babysitting provided. :)

meryl rose said...

Lol, as long as the babysitting is provided :)