Cashew's Curtain:Yes, Another Roman Shade

I am pleased to say that from start to finish of actually working on this project (not including the time it took to design the fabric and wait for it to arrive), it took 2 days. Hallelujah. That hardly ever happens, and when it does, it's marvelous.

For Cashew's room I wanted to make a curtain. Chris found this absurd because the room already has a curtain and he found this whole new curtain idea to be completely frivolous

I tried to convince him that a roman shade with blackout fabric lining would help keep the room darker so Cashew will (hopefully, please god) sleep longer. He pointed out that I could have just used the black out fabric on the existing curtain...but let's be honest, I just wasn't going to have that. So I was frivolous, Chris rolled his eyes lovingly and I made a new curtain :)

This of course started with the fabric that I designed. I made the print in Photoshop and had it fabricated by Spoonflower

The package of fabric arrived and it took me about 10 days to finally get my shit together and start making the shade. I've been so excited about other projects in Cashew's room, I'm not sure why this one took me that long to get started. But once I did, it took me about 6 hours over the course of 2 days.

First up was sewing some additional fabric to the print I made. Unfortunately Spoonflower only makes the fabric 42" wide and the window is 46" tall (6 feet wide, so I just got over 2 yards). I thought about several options, but ultimately realized that thanks to all the fabric I save from other projects I'd have several different prints to choose from

I decided to use the same fabric that I used for the valance for the roman shade in the TV Room

I thought the geometric black and white pattern would tie in nicely with the black and white houndstooth fabric that the chair will get recovered in. And I liked the two patterns together

I only technically needed about 4" of the black and white fabric, but I thought that would look a bit ridiculous, so I decided that I would use two courses of the geometric pattern and just use about 8 inches less of the star pattern. I wanted to make sure that when I sewed the b&w pattern to the star pattern, that I was sewing it along the black line of the b&w pattern so I kept it rolled up as I pinned along

After I sewed them together it I was impressed at how well it got sewn along the line

There was one small spot where the white of the lining of the star pattern fabric poked out

It's super small though, so no big deal.

Next up was sewing the black out lining to the fabric and then hemming all the sides to make sure the curtain was the correct width

After that was done it was time for the rings. When I made the 2 roman shades for my art room/office I didn't bother to use dowels because I wouldn't be operating the curtain very much (in the month they've been up I've moved them once, and that's just because I was adjusting them because I had them too high and the sun was still blowing out my computer screen in the morning). With this curtain I decided to have dowels because I anticipate we'll be opening and closing the curtain a lot: the view into the backyard from this window is really nice (and one of the things I loved most about working in that room), but we'll want to have them closed whenever baby girl is sleeping.

It took 3 trips to 3 different HD's to get 5 dowels. Yes, that's right, 3 separate HD's. Apparently there is a world shortage of dowels at the moment because the first HD had none, and the second only had 4. Of course, the last one I went to had about 47 so clearly I should have gone to the furthest one first.

I attached the dowel sleeve and rings at the same time and just rolled up the fabric to the next row as I went along

After that, I measured the exact height of the window and marked off where to staple the 2x2

Then the 2x2 got wrapped in the extra fabric and stapled in place. Once that was done I pre-drilled for all the eye bolts and then put them in

Sometimes the eye bolts are a little difficult to put in so I used pliers just to make it easier.

Then last night after we got home from the movies we installed it (I snuck in a little preview on our Facebook page last night right after we put it up)

I LOVE it. I love the pattern. It's so bright and fun. And I really like the b&w print with it. The best part? It blocks a lot of the light when it's sunny (taken this morning with the sun shining bright)

I was a little mad at myself at first because last night when we were putting it up I thought it was a hair too long, but it actually works well in the daylight because it helps block the sunshine coming in from the bottom. So it's actually fantastic. Happy mistake :)

It's always a little difficult to pull open the first time and tell the fabric how to fold and bend. But I've raised and lowered it several times this morning and it's working well now

I anticipate a lot of gazing into the backyard while feeding, holding, cuddling and playing with Cashew in the chair when it's finished and moves into the room :) It'll go right in this corner

And we'll be able to enjoy our backyard view

Of course, at the moment we have a car on the lawn, a tile saw covered in a tarp on the patio, lawn furniture strewn about...but we'll beautify it soon!


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

You have skills! I cannot say enough how much you will love the black out liner. Worth all the trouble. Although, my rod has already fallen down from the weight. Ugh, one more thing to deal with!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

It looks fantastic! I like how you combined the two fabrics. Um, stupid question, but did you make the dowel sleeves yourself or can you purchase them somewhere? Where did you find the rings?

meryl rose said...

Thanks Sara! The plus side about doing a roman shade is that we just drill the 2x2 right into the window framing so we don't have to worry about it falling down (it was pretty surprising how heavy the blackout fabric was ).

Thanks Carrie! I sew the dowel sleeves with leftover fabric that I have laying around. And for the rings, the first time I made a roman shade I bought a fabric strip of them at a local craft place, but the second time around I bought this pack of them
Only about $5 including shipping and you get 50 rings. So far I've made 3 shades with them and I still have plenty more.

Tamara Holland said...

I love this! I love the different patterns on the shade -- made it even better than if you just used one. Major props to you for designing the fabric, too. You are such a creative and handy "child." May your own daughter be so wonderful :)

meryl rose said...

Awww, thanks momma :)