Cashew's Room Inspiration Updates

I was going to post about our 2013 house goals today, but I was too excited about some ideas I've had for Cashew's room, so 2013 goals will have to wait until Monday! :)

I've been hoarding ideas for Cashew's room in my head for a couple of weeks now. Once I got the bug about the fabric for her room the ideas starting rolling in. The biggest thing is that I don't want it to be a baby room. I really want it to be a room for a little person, but still a person. I'm not into the animal things, overly pink, flowers and all that other stuff that fills baby's rooms frequently. Not that there's anything wrong with liking that, it's just not my bag, baby. The idea is that I really just want it colorful. And I think having the soft blue gray color on the wall really allows for all the color in artwork, etc. to really pop.

First up of course is the fabric for the curtains. After I decided that I wanted to design the print myself I got really excited and designed away in Photoshop. I was set on the pattern, so that was easy, what was hard was the amount of time it actually took. I feel pathetic admitting that I probably spent about 6-7 hours on it. First it was making sure that all the stars were close enough together so that things looked like they were interacting with each other, then it was creating more and more layers and outlining them over and over and over and over again and adjusting all the layer orders. In the end I came up with this

Very colorful :) I used Spoonflower to get the fabric printed. My design was about 20" x 20" in Photoshop and the fabric is 42" wide so I had to either enlarge the pattern or shrink it and repeat it. I decided to shrink and repeat. There were several repeating options

Ultimately I decided on the 1st, "half brick." And hooray, I got it ordered. But boo, it takes a long time to get. Understandable, but still makes me sad inside. That's just because I'm an impatient brat :)

Alright, so that's the fabric. Now for the other ideas :)

The mobile: In going with the non-BABY theme I was a little stuck on the mobile for a while. I looked on Pinterest for some ideas, but they still felt a little too baby to me. Our friends had a mobile for their daughter that was pictures of musicians and I loved that they made it so personal (her dad works for a record distribution company and he and Chris met and became friends while working at Tower together). I thought about what would make a mobile personal for me and Chris and I thought it would be so hilarious and fun if I made little items that represented us out of felt: a hammer, a baseball, etc. I'm still having a hard time coming up with the objects that I can make out of felt (for instance, we love movies, but I can't figure out how to represent "movies" in an object that will read visually as "movie.") But I'm excited to keep brainstorming and I really like the idea.

Why the hell is baby bedding so expensive? I mean, it's not really very much, but it's also barely any fabric and I just don't get why the hell a baby bumper can be $60. I searched and searched for a plain one for under $30 (again, no monkeys, no flowers). I finally found it, but the prospect of searching for all the bedding materials made me want to barf. And then I realized, hello, do you know how many free A's blankets I have?

And those are just the ones I found in 42 seconds of looking that don't currently have a pile of bags of thinset on them. All those A's blankets have big ol' Pepsi, GM, Ross, etc. logos all over them. So I thought it would be a fantabulous idea to cut out all the parts of the blankets that I like and make an A's quilt out of them for her! I am honestly SO EXCITED about this idea, it is quite pathetic.

For the chair for her room I wanted to get one at a thrift place and get it recovered, so yesterday Chris and I drove over to a store just about 5 minutes away and got the perfect one for $39!

It may be really ugly right now (you don't like brown pineapple fabric?), but I know with some great fabric and a great recovering job it'll look fantastic. The place that recovered our couch gave us a pretty pricey quote, so we'll shop around a bit before we pull the trigger. The most important part though is that it is super comfortable. It swivels and rocks so it'll be nice to hang out in with Cashew and the higher back is comfortable for Chris because it's tall enough for him to be able to lean his head back.

Then comes the room decor. Right now the room is looking pretty plain

I guess messy is actually a more appropriate word.

There are 3 small paintings already on one of the walls and those will stay (that last one got taken down to accommodate the framing and installation of the back bathroom medicine cabinet, but it'll go back up after we patch the screw holes)

But I've got an idea for another painting. A very large painting.

I've had a really big canvas (I think 3 feet x 4 feet but I'm too lazy to go measure it) for over a year now. I've painted a couple things on it, but I haven't liked anything enough to let it stay and then hang it in the house. Obviously the canvas was just waiting for Cashew. I thought it would be a really cool idea to make a large scale word art painting. At the top would be the words "You are" and then below would be a modge podge of wonderful traits that I love in people. Things like strength, intelligence, bravery, beauty, positivity, ambition, confidence, kindness, etc. I'm excited to think of all the words I want to include.

For the time being I think I want to put it on this wall across from the 3 small paintings

The other artwork idea is an alphabet wall. I'm all about alphabet toys for kids. Chris and I make these for our friends whenever they have babies

We will of course be making Cashew one, but I also thought it would be fun to have the wall that her crib will be on...

...be full of alphabet letters a la this link I loved on Pinterest


I'm so excited for all the art projects! What do you think? (Chris thinks I'm a tad crazy, hehehehehehehehe)

And how is Cashew doing? Well, on Wednesday I hit 20 weeks, so I'm officially at the halfway point, hooray! I have been feeling her karate chops and dance moves in the last couple of weeks, and a lot more the last week. In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night last night and couldn't go back to bed for a little while because she was grooving so much. I'm excited for when Chris can feel her, but so far no dice. Yet. I'm also starting to look more pregnant and not just hello-you-ate-too-much, so that's exciting. It doesn't make it fun for tiling though. While we were working on the floor in the bathroom I was having a hard time being folded over and crouched down. She has officially started inhibiting normal movement. But I've still been really lucky in the discomfort of pregnancy department, so I count myself very, very lucky.


Bungalow13 said...

Such fun ideas! Love the idea of a homemade mobile-my sis in law made me an owl one out of baby socks and found wood. What about making a film reel out of felt to represent movies? We have some old film reels on my son's wall that are really cool. Good luck! Kiddo rooms are so much fun!

meryl rose said...

Baby socks!? That is so awesome! And I like the film reel idea, thank you :) I'm getting so excited to work on everything, eeeeeee :)

Jessica said...

I was going to suggest a film reel, too. Should be really easy to make out of black and gray felt.

Sounds like you have a great plan. My daughter's mobile (which I haven't made yet and she's almost 11 months old) is going to be these paper globes, made out of different kinds of scrapbook paper. http://www2.fiskars.com/Crafting/Projects/Entertaining-Parties/Decorations/Paper-Globes . Of course, since she's almost a year old I'm not sure if I'll do it anymore, but it's a good neutral filler.

Sherrill said...

Fun baby ideas. For movies, how about a felt rectangle of a flat screen (puffy, if you want) with an "iron-on" screen with a photo of you and Chris?

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Yikes, so much in this post! First of all, I love that you made your own fabric - that is awesome! I also have to say that I fully support the non-baby baby room, as you know...I'm so interested to see what you do with the mobile, felt tools would be SO cute.

meryl rose said...

Omg Jessica those globes are so cool! And I like that photo idea Sherrill, thanks! Sara, I am already thinking of more and more tools to include, I think a paintbrush would be so cute, hehehehe :)

jxm480 said...

Love the fabric! And the mobile will be awesome, but if you get lazy you can borrow the musicians of the 60s :) Poor Louis, we never even took it out for him. And hooray for baby kicks, man I cannot wait to meet this kid.

jxm480 said...

And whoops John is signed in on the computer :) so no jxm comment, just Emily!

meryl rose said...

We'll see how lazy I get :) I was planning to cut out and start planning the blanket last night while we were watching football, but laying down and being lazy ended up being much more enticing :)

Anonymous said...

What I did with my babies (4) was to get a big canvas and each month I put their foot prints and hand prints on it. Makes a great momento and a pretty cool piece of art. Especially if you use funky paint colours.


meryl rose said...

I LOVE that idea!