From Pineapples to Houndstooth (in 3 Weeks)

Chris and I bought this chair at a local thrift place a couple weeks ago for Cashew's room

The shape and comfort are awesome, but the print, not so much. Brown dingy pineapple print is not my jam. So I set about getting some quotes to recover it. The only kicker is that because it's pretty large and detailed chair it wasn't an easy job and the quotes starting coming in really high. As in one topping $1,000! Holy jesus crap in my pants. Chris was not a fan and I had to talk him into the final price that I got the same guy who did our couch to come down to: $450 (down from $525). I had originally thought it would cost maybe $200 or something like that, but clearly I was nowhere near what was realistic (the quotes were $1,007, $978, $800 and $575). Normally I wouldn't go with someone who is SO much lower than all the other quotes (for fear of a not so good job), but we used this same guy, Jose from Renaissance, for our couch and he did a REALLY good job. So we pulled the trigger again.

But before we sent the chair off to get recovered we decided we wanted to paint the wood on the chair. I gave it a good sanding

The sanding was to get the gloss off of the chair and once I got that sanded off I cleaned it and started priming

The wood got two coats of primer and then 3 coats of white oil-water hybrid paint (good durability, but goes on pretty thin). After all 5 coats the wood was looking good (still a not very attractive chair)

Then it was time to take the chair off to get recovered. We debated a lot of different kinds of fabric, but went with this durable fabric in a very fine houndstooth print

I really like the classic houndstooth print and it was Chris' favorite of all the swatches I brought back from a local discount fabric shop (9 yards needed for a total of just under $75 with tax. Not too bad.) And then we finally loaded it into the car to get beautified. The only downer is that the re-upholstery place is super busy right now, so we won't get it back for 3 weeks. Test of my patience, I want to see it all pretty!

In other news, yesterday while Chris was working on the back bathroom I put together Cashew's crib, hooray! The packaging it came in was a bit ridiculous (it will seriously take about 3 weeks of putting it in the recycling container to get rid of all the cardboard)

The plan is to have the crib go on this wall

Sadly the crib took me about 2 1/2 hours to put together myself. I needed Chris momentarily halfway through for about 5 minutes to help hold something up while attaching the sides to the back, but overall I was pretty satisfied with myself for getting it done alone (I know that may sound pathetic to be proud of, but those directions are fucking complicated man!) And in the end, I had a snazzy put together crib

I played musical chairs in that room for about an hour moving things around to try to get a good placement of the crib and the furniture. I LOVE the shape of the crib so I definitely want to be able to see its snazzi-ness. The only kicker is that one of the shelving units is a little wide, so it's tough to find two walls to fit them both on and also have the chair in here. I finally relented after Chris came in wondering what the hell I was up to that we'll just have to wait to get the chair until we can really figure out the placement of things

For the time being I'll just have to wait another 2 1/2 weeks for the chair (I dropped it off on Friday). Please be with me patience.

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