More Bathroom Updates

We've been working on little bathroom tasks along the way to completing larger and more exciting ones (like tiling the bathroom floor).

First up: the trim. We've got a window and door in the bathroom that needed to be trimmed like the rest of the windows and doors in the house

The crappy thing about trimming our windows and doors: it's FUCKING expensive. Our trim is rounded on the corners and there is only one local hardware store we've seen that carries it. The previous owners cut corners and installed mismatch trim in the bedroom, so Chris and I have made sure to maintain the original trim whenever we have framed in new windows and doors. The price: about $75 per door and a it varies per window (depending on how big they are). Why is it so expensive? The curved corner pieces are $23 EACH, and the linear trim is about $2 per foot. Fuckin' A. But, it's really important to Chris and me that we maintain our house's character, so we grin and bear it. And then we spend 5 million hours priming it and painting it with 3 coats of our water-oil hybrid

For some reason the water-oil hybrid is painted and rolled on really thin, which sucks. When we've sprayed it two coats is more than enough, but we've needed at least 3 coats with a roller or brush. Which results in another hour+ of painting.

While the paint has been out I've also painted the cubby (this time we did 2 coats of primer to see if we'd need less of the water-oil hybrid, but no, we'll need one more coat for 3 total color coats)

And to keep the fun rolling I'll be working on painting the pocket door next (it's primed and ready)

We've still got to do another coat of the frost to make it even, but I think the pocket door is looking snazzy. Chris put on the door hardware so it locks now too

Chris also added some bracing inside the pocket door framing

The framing for the pocket door has these 18-24" sections separated by a horizontal brace and Chris added a piece of plywood to each section that he attached with pocket screws. He did this because the framing is a little shaky and not nearly as strong and stable as we would like. Normally, this wouldn't really be a problem, but because there will be a wall of tile on the bathroom side of the wall we want to make sure that the door is as stable as possible so that it doesn't lead to cracks in the grout.

And the last little update? A grouted shower floor! Well, almost all grouted

Why almost? Welllllllll the grout ran out at the very end. Boooooo

Yup, totally lame. The good thing about using (expensive, grrr) urethane grout is that it was okay that we ran out and will save the last bit of grouting for another day and there will be no color change when we come at it again because we're not mixing it by hand which might result in a slight color variation. So we'll have to spend another $83 on another container of it. Sigh. At least it's almost looking gorgeous.


Heather said...

At the end of this, would Chris do a run down on what each layer is in the shower and why you do it? I had never seen Kerdi before.

meryl rose said...

Ooohh, good idea! Chris wrote the retrofitting a light post already, we just have to install the second one so I can take a proper "after" pic. Hopefully we get to it this weekend and we can post it next week!

Alex said...

Hi, what did you guys use for hte window frosting? Is it the contact paper variety or some sort of spray/paint frosting?

I put up the ikea window frosting on various doors and windows in our house and it has not held up well - bubbles and is very prone to scratches.

meryl rose said...

We went for a spray (making sure paper was on perfectly seemed like a big headache, especially in a room that will get steamy). The only downside is it seems to take a lot of coats to make sure it's on evenly. And as you can see, we're still not there yet...

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I used film from home depot on our bathroom window 5 or so years ago and it has held up.

We are going to etch the glass in the new downstairs bathroom window. It isn't recommended for large pcs of glass though.

$23 per corner pc?? OMG. It really does look great though.

meryl rose said...

Yeah, doesn't that price suck the big one? $100 and all we get is 4 corner trim pieces. It makes me want to barf every time.

Deb said...

The curved trim looks sooooo great!! I love it with the pocket door - beautiful!!!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Deb!