Random Bedroom Progress: Wall Sconces

Before we insulated the attic we wanted to complete a wiring item on our to do list: bedroom wall sconces. Eventually we will build a storage platform bed for our bedroom so that it doesn't look like this

Bed on the floor with a plastic "door," yup, we're classy.

Once we build the bed frame we'd like to have sconces flanking it so we can have light in here without having to turn on the overhead light, you know, for reading a such. To figure out the placement of the lights we were very scientific: we estimated how high our bed will be based on other platform beds I google'd online, I leaned up against the wall at that height and I put my hand up in the air to a comfortable position to turn a light on and off. I told you, very scientific.

Once we scientifically placed our lights Chris marked them off

After the lights had been traced out we used a drywall knife to cut out for the box and then fished the wires through from the attic

The job for the left side didn't go as fast because of some blocking, so the hole was made twice as big. Oh well, nothing some patching can't cover up!

Fishing the wires down through this hole was also more difficult because we had to drill a hole through that blocking, put a fishing line through the wall, wait till it hit just the right angle on that diagonal bracing so I could pull it through, tape the wire to the end of it and fish it back up for Chris to grab in the attic. It may have involved some cussing, but we completed the task!

Then came the task of finding the lights. We wanted lights that turned on and off at the actually light so we didn't have to get up out of bed to turn them off. We wanted a pull switch or an on/off switch. That was a bit more difficult to find than we thought. And more expensive. I searched and searched for one that was not objectionable and didn't break the bank. I finally found these on Amazon

Contemporary Wall Lamp

(found here)

At only $24 each, that was music to my ears. Of course, all of our finishes are oil rubbed bronze so I'll just spray paint the metal when they arrive. No biggie.

Normally I buy things on Amazon prime because I have no patience, but these only came from a 3rd party so we had to wait. I purchased them on Dec. 23rd and they were estimated to arrive on January 16th. Holy crap in my pants. They actually arrived about 10 days ago (phew!) and got taped up and lightly sanded to scuff them up so the paint stuck to them better

Then they got a coat of primer

And then a couple coats of oil rubbed bronze

And they were ready. The only thing is, these lights aren't really meant to be hard wired, they're meant to be mounted on the wall with a cord that hangs down the wall and plugs into a wall outlet. Not what we wanted. So Chris had to modify them a bit. The only kicker is that they weren't modified so easily and Chris may have gotten very annoyed several times (in which case I sheepishly looked away and tried to remind him that they cost about 1/8 the price of all the other lights that were meant to be hard wired wall sconces)

Strange perspective you ask? I was laying in bed snuggled up watching Deadwood. While Chris was wiring the annoying lights. Yup, best boyfriend ever :)

But anyway, back to those lights. The problem first came with the fact that the metal plate the lights came with to make them mount on the wall didn't have a hole in them to wire them to the wall (because they're not meant to do so), so Chris had to cut out a hole and then sand down the edges so they didn't cut through and scratch any of the wires in the wall

Don't worry, that rough metal got sanded down

Now the wires from the light could be wired to the wires in the wall to make this a hard wired light. But the next problem was that the metal plate was smaller than the wall box

Doh! That was pretty annoying to discover. But again, these weren't meant to be hard wired so why would the plate be meant to be larger than the box to have it and the light cover it? Wop wop.

After Chris wired it up it looked really good on the wall

But still, that stupid box shows through on the sides

The second light on the other side of the bed still needs to get wired, but 1/2 done is still a success! And I've got a trim idea to hopefully cover the electrical box without things looking too ridiculous. Hooray!


Heather said...

I forced Greg to watch Deadwood with me last winter and just the other day he was frustrated and he exclaimed, "Cocksucker!" and I have never loved him more. That show is so good.

We are trying to find sconces for the basement and I feel your pain. It is such a pain in the ass. Do you think Chris would consider writing up how he retrofitted the sconces to be hard wired? I'm running into the same problem--cute sconces that aren't made to connect to a box.

meryl rose said...

LOL! Oh that Al SWEARengen :)

It wasn't too difficult to retrofit so they could be hardwired, I'll have Chris get right on it :)

Anonymous said...

I think those are Ikea sconces.Mine were like $15 each. Of course, I live 45 minutes from Ikea, you may not.

meryl rose said...

THEY ARE! Man, you're good! Yeah, I was a little annoyed when they arrived in Ikea boxes because I could have just driven 10 minutes down the freeway and gotten them for less. Sigh...