We Can No Longer Walk Through The Hole Our Wall

After the bathroom got drywalled we still had a little hole in our wall that we used to climb into the bathroom and pass supplies through

But we had a plan with this hole in the wall: it would be our built in cubby for storage (because there is NONE in this bathroom).

The plan for the cubbies is to have 3 shelves that are 12" tall and 14" deep (our shelves in the cabinet in our main bathroom are 12" deep and I always wish they were an inch or two deeper). But the bottom "shelf" will actually be a little laundry chute into a cabinet in the laundry room

Thanks to Chris' magnificent idea we'll have our hamper out of the bedroom and more conveniently actually in the laundry room. It was quite a brilliant idea.

I think both of us were sort of not looking forward to building the cubby because of all the planning it would take (planning out tile trim, wood trim, finishing the edges off, etc.) and the thought of not having this convenient hole in the wall to walk through, errr, I mean climb through was kind of a bummer too.

We got 2 sheets of cabinet grade plywood and Chris built 2 boxes for it in about 2 hours (I was inside painting trim). The cubby got built as 2 boxes because the laundry chute part will be deeper to accommodate the hamper and the 3 shelves portion will be only about 1/2 as deep. Here's the laundry box

And here's the shelving part of the cubby

When the laundry box was built it got brought inside and measured for exactly how big the hole to drop your pants into should be

Once both of them were built they got brought inside to be installed

Before we installed them we attached them together so that they were in one piece. Because they will fit pretty snuggly into the hole the two of them got attached with 4 pocket screws on each side

We knew once we lifted it into the hole one of us would have to hold it in place while the other drilled it into the studs so we predrilled for countersink screws

4 holes got predrilled - two on the top and two on the bottom.

After that step was done the two of us lifted it in place. I held on to it...

...while Chris ran around into the bathroom to make sure everything was lined up correctly before he screwed it all in place (we needed a couple shims, but it went in really easy). From the laundry room it looks pretty ridiculous at the moment

But keep in mind that eventually when we move on to working on the laundry room this ridiculous L-shaped contraption will be behind a cabinet.

Chris added a plywood support to help hold it in place for the time being

And then we got all excited to put the laundry basket underneath to check out our future laundry chute

Marvelous, no?

And wanna see it from the bathroom?

Even cooler :) And I love the laundry chute even more

Eeeeee :)

We've got to patch over the screws that are countersunk

And then it's time to sand, prime and paint. Pretty wonderful little box for an afternoon of work :)


Heather said...

fucking. cool. So fucking cool!

Anonymous said...


Bunny @ 86n It said...

That is pretty brilliant!

Did I just spell brilliant wrong? Wait, no, that is right. Obvs I'm not feeling too smart myself today.

Gene Anderson said...

Beautiful cabinetry as usual, and I love the laundry chute. If you ever have a cat, it will probably love it, too :-)

meryl rose said...

Thanks you guys! And yes, Gene, it would make a wonderful snuggly napping place for a cat :)

stpaulhaus said...

OMFG! I LOVE THIS. If you can't tell I am just getting caught-up on your post now and i can't help but comment on everything. I waaaant thiiiss sooo bad. I will add it to the list of stuff I want at my next house.

meryl rose said...

Ha! Glad you like it! :)