3 Months to Go

As of today we are exactly 3 months away from Little Miss Cashew's due date. And I'll tell you what, I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER. I haven't had a bad or hard pregnancy, in fact quite the opposite, I've been super amazingly lucky to be having a very simple pregnancy. Virtually no morning sickness, no aversion to certain foods I love or smells (though cigarette smoke has become increasingly vile to me, but I already hated that smell), no crazy mood swings (although probably asking Chris about that one is a better idea), and no heartburn, just bad gas. I'm still not totally sure what causes it so I can't really figure out how to eliminate it, but it's not every day, so I should count my blessings. I've still been able to be relatively productive in helping work on the house, though sometimes I have to take it easy if the days before were more physical because my body gets a bit more achy. I'm still punching along going to the gym or working out at home 3-4 times a week. I'm on the treadmill, elliptical, stair machine, rowing machine (though the belly may prevent that one soon), the bike, working with free weights, and in the pool. I played sports year round since about the age of 7, so going long periods of time without being active gets hard on me both mentally and physically. I'm a much happier person if I can be physical regularly. I'm hoping to be able to keep that up (though not to the same degree obviously) once Cashew arrives.

But about this pregnant forever feeling: I don't know what it is, but man, pregnancy takes a long time. Obvious right? 9 months? That's a while. But to think we just told friends and family 3 months ago and we've got another 3 months to wait is just killing me. I want to hang out with her man! :) I should probably cherish all the nights I sleep the whole way through, our spontaneous trips to HD, our movie going in the evenings, our lazy mornings in bed on the weekends and all the other things that I so take for granted for their simplicity now because we all know a trip to HD will have to be planned, movies will go out the window (hello babysitting family... :) and life will become much more busy and constructed. In a fun baby way though :)

We've still got a list of house items to hopefully get done before her arrival, and I have my fingers crossed that they may happen. Before she comes these are the things I'd really like to get done:

1. FINISH the back bathroom

I think this one is entirely possible. That stupid curb needs to be finished, but after that it's pretty simple. Grouting, glass enclosure, sink, toilet, trim, accessories. The hard part is definitely behind us.

2. Install the laundry room floor

This room won't get done before she arrives, but it would be really good to get the floor more level (pitched towards the backyard) and get the new flooring installed (that's been sitting in here for 3 1/2 years. No joke). Installing the floor will put the washer and dryer out of commission for however long it takes us to complete the task and I know having those items in top working order is a really good thing when you've got a baby around :)

3. Finish my art room/office

This is more just for my peace of mind. It's not a necessity by any means, but it would just be nice to call it done. And really, the tasks are very minimal: building legs for my work table and trimming off the top of my shelving unit.

4. Finish the TV room

Again, totally not a necessity at all, but there are just 2 very simple tasks that need to be completed: building 10 frames for our movie posters and installing a piece of baseboard. A weekend's worth of work.

5. Tackle the under house drainage. This one will be much better to get out of the way before Cashew arrives because it will involve a lot of digging. I will most likely not be much help for this project so we'll be calling on friends and family to help (hello friends and family who are reading this! :). But it's really one of the last water issues left on the property, so it'll be nice to get it done. We've tried really hard to keep all water run-off on site so that we don't contribute to overflowing storm drains, so we'll need to dig for another french drain. But then, hopefully alllllll the digging is done.

6. Finish Miss Cashew's room

Yeah, this is probably a must :) It's really most of the way there though. We have all of our pieces of furniture (thanks to stuff already on hand, presents and wonderful hand me downs), so it's just a matter of arranging it. We need to cut down the biggest shelving unit a bit to make it fit, but once we do that it's just a matter of putting things in place. I've got some organizing items on our baby registry, so I'll wait to see what kind of fun stuff we get until I finish up organizing in here, but despite the total mess it looks like now, it's actually nearly done. Just shelf cut down, organizing, art on the walls, mobile hung up and a little chair touch up.

So there you have it, 3 months to go till little Miss Cashew's arrival and a house still needing to be worked on. You think we can get it all done? Of course, that's just our list for the house, there's the whole mental aspect to get prepared for (like holy shit we're going to be caring for another human being soon), so I'm hoping Chris and I don't fuck up that one too bad because it's pretty important ;) And here you go, a shot of my growing belly taken just this morning at 27+ weeks (next Wednesday I will officially hit the 3rd trimester)

Clearly I need to figure out how the remote on this camera works...


Heather said...

Okay, that last photo is why you're the best. You look great!

meryl rose said...

Awww, thanks Heather. *blush* :)

em said...

Hooray for cashew! You look great in your prison stripes :) I volunteer John to help dig!!! And I will fetch things for diggers!

meryl rose said...

My baby prison! :)

Ummm, I fully support and accept both your an John's offers :)

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite posts of yours ever- and I love them all! She is one lucky little girl and I too can't wait to meet her!

Its ironic how the last trimester of pregnancy seems to take an eternity and after their born, time passes painfully fast. I bet you're already getting to know her more than you know as you are already forming a beautiful relationship together. -- Love Aunt Matt
ps sorry I can't help with the digging! :(

Jack.E. Photography said...

So glad I stopped to see your blog today! YOU LOOK GREAT! I wish i was where you're at! I'm ready to meet #3 too!! I cant wait to see you at your shower and meet this little one soon!

Anonymous said...

Not to make you feel worse but it is actually 10 months. LOL 40 weeks. 9 Lunar months. Sucks. But you are lucky in your pregnancy symptoms and you are totally doing things the correct way keeping fit and active is the best way to have an easier pregnancy and delivery and recovery. Good luck.

meryl rose said...

Thanks wonderful ladies :)

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Yes, you do need to use a remote. However, that is a funny pic and I think it is perfect!

meryl rose said...

I'm pretty sure it takes about 23 seconds to figure out too... :)