52.5 Hours of Tiling Later

You may think that's just some random number I came up with because I'm so sick of tiling, but nope, that's the amount of hours Chris and I spent tiling the floor, shower floor, walls, cubby and curb of the bathroom. I know that because I'm a completely insane person who keeps track of all the hours we spend tiling on a little post-it note on my desk

I bet you thought I was joking about that too. Nope, totally crazy person. I did the same thing when we tiled in the main bathroom also. In fact, I was even crazier that time because I'd write down how many tiles we laid each time we tiled. But it was actually kind of cool to see how many hours we spent in the end. Well, I guess "kind of cool" is the wrong way to put it. It probably feels more true to life to say, "It was completely ridiculous but made me feel better about myself for having a reason why I sat in a bathroom for 40 hours."

This time I didn't write down how many tiles we set each time we tiled, but I did keep a log of how many hours we spent tiling, and when you add up tiling the main floor, the shower floor, alllll the walls, the cubby and that stupid curb we spent 52.5 hours tiling. That's a lot of time. And while I didn't count the tiles day by day, I did go in the bathroom yesterday evening and counted all the tiles we set on the walls (again, crazy).

Would you like to know how many? Of course you would! :)

Here's the "door wall"

On the small slivers of wall to the left and right of the door there are 190 tiles.

Then there's the "sink wall" (where there is currently no sink, but there could be one day in the near future)

On this nice block of wall we've got 270 tiles.

We've got a pretty big wall to count with the "window wall"

This wall clocks in at 330 tiles.

Then there's the adjacent "cubby wall"

Not to be outdone, this big ol' span o' wall has 346 tiles.

The cubby itself has 30 quarter rounds, and would you like to know how many tiles that stupid curb has?

Just think of a really stupidly high number. Got it? Well, you're wrong. 110. Yes, that's right, this curb has 110 fucking tiles on it. After I counted that I counted AGAIN because I could not believe it. Those 110 tiles will be the death of me.

Now, let's count how many tiles total that is:
Door wall: 190
Sink wall: 270
Window wall: 330
Cubby wall: 346
Cubby: 30
Curb: 110
GRAND TOTAL: 1276 tiles. Oh god.

Now, we spent a grand total of 52.5 hours tiling, but we only spent 41.5 hours tiling the beveled subway tile (walls, cubby, curb). Would you like to know our tile per hour average? Of course you would ! :) With 41.5 hours spent tiling 1276 tiles, we set an average on 30.7 tiles per hour. That's not that big of an increase in a tiling per hour average of 23.5 that we did in the main bathroom, but of course we spent 11 hours alone on the cubby and curb. If we subtract those hours and those tiles we have 30.5 hours spent tiling 1136 tiles for an average of 37.2 tiles per hour. That is pretty damn good. And do you want to know what I'm even happier about? The fact that the tiling is DONE. Hooray!

Now, in honor of the tiling being done, want to do me and Chris the BIGGEST favor??? Vote for us for the 2013 JDR Industry Blogger Awards! We've been nominated for the second year in a row in the remodeling category so please go HERE and vote for us!

The winner gets $500 (hell yes please!) We lost by just a handful of votes last year (it was so close), so we'd be super amazingly excited to win this year. Pretty please! :) AND, you should also vote for one of our fellow amazing bloggers Heather at Just a Girl with a Hammer in the Interior Design category. You may remember, we visited Heather's awesome self on the renovation roadtrip. Vote here!

But seriously, just you reading this blog and being nominated is pretty damn cool. And you're also really awesome for listening to me complain about tiling. We did it to ourselves. I'd say "never again!" for white beveled subway tile, but I shouldn't really say that because it looks so pretty I want to lick it.

I'm a masochist.

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